Let’s keep things pleasant! The value and ease of protecting your gums and addressing problems early on

gingival inflammation treatment to maintain healthy gums, consult Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental in Dolton IL

Gum disease is not so pleasant. In fact, it is one of the most frustrating conditions that our Pleasant Dental® dentists deal with on a day-to-day basis. The symptoms are either non-existent or easy to ignore early on when the disease hasn’t caused damage and can be successfully managed without invasive treatment. At this stage, the condition is characterized by gingival inflammation (inflamed gums) and is called “gingivitis.”  Fortunately, gum disease can often be prevented with nothing special – just the usual good brushing and flossing, day in and day out, and visiting our office in Dolton, Illinois, as recommended … Continue reading

Discover the Ideal Solution for Damaged or Missing Teeth: Dental Implants Designed Like Natural Teeth!

Tooth Implants Process in Dolton IL Area

Molars, the strong back teeth responsible for breaking down and chewing food, are essential for a healthy, functional smile. However, they’re also prone to decay, with 9 out of 10 cavities forming in these hard-to-reach areas. If left untreated, tooth decay can progress to the point where even root canal therapy can’t save your molars. That’s where Pleasant Dental® of Dolton, Illinois comes in, offering the perfect solution for molars and other teeth that can’t be saved: dental implants! Why Dental Implants are the Best Choice While molars may be hidden from sight, they play a crucial role in your … Continue reading

Dental crowns the way they should be … cosmetic, strong, like REAL teeth!

Cosmetic Dental Crowns in Dolton IL Area

Let’s be frank. If we at Pleasant Dental® could make gold dental crowns tooth-colored, it is likely all we and other dentists in Dolton, Illinois, and beyond would use gold. Period. Gold is similar in strength to natural tooth enamel. So it doesn’t wear down the surrounding teeth. With proper care, gold crowns can look as good 30 or more years onward as the day that they were placed. The problem is, the pesky cosmetic issue remains.  We understand and account for this very valid concern, especially when restoring broken, decayed, or otherwise damaged front teeth. Esthetics are vitally important … Continue reading

Pain and Other Symptoms That May Indicate You Need a Root Canal

Root Canal Pain Symptoms in Dolton IL Area

Root canal care is a dental procedure that treats infected teeth due to deep decay and sometimes trauma. We can save the natural tooth structure by removing the bacteria and infected material and sealing the inside of the tooth to prevent future infections. At Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, Illinois, we have performed many root canal procedures to help eliminate pain and prevent the need for extractions. While the only way to truly know if you need root canal treatment is by visiting the dentist, there are some symptoms that you can watch out for. Pain Constant pain is often the … Continue reading

Now Replacing Impressions With Scans

Now Replacing Impressions With Scans

At Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, Illinois, our goal is to utilize practical cutting-edge technology to continually improve the level of dental care we provide to our patients. In our ongoing efforts to provide exceptional care, to ensure our patients receive comfortable and high quality care, we are proud to offer patients the benefit of digital impressions with the TRIOS 3 intraoral scanner. What is the TRIOS 3 Scanner? The scanner allows us to digitally create full 3D digital models of your mouth. Thus largely eliminating the need for messy or uncomfortable impressions. With this technology we can cut the time … Continue reading

How we make the Root Canal process painless

How To Make The Root Canal Process Painless Explained, In Dolton IL

Few phrases can incite groans as quickly as “root canal.” While this procedure has a reputation for being incredibly painful, and many patients fear getting root canal therapy, the truth is that when performed by an experienced dentist like Dr. Dean Dietrich, they really can be painless! At Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, Illinois, we take several steps to ensure that you are comfortable and pain-free throughout your root canal treatment. Why a root canal might be recommended Root canal treatment is designed to save a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. Root canal therapy might be recommended in the following … Continue reading

Dental care when you need it most: Emergency dental services in Dolton, Illinois

Emergency Dental Service in Dolton Area

Life is full of unexpected events. While some of these unexpected twists and turns are joyous and fun, a dental emergency can really throw a wrench into your plans. At Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, Illinois, we provide emergency dental services so you can get out of pain and back to your daily life. What constitutes a dental emergency? Many patients wonder if their dental issue is considered an emergency and whether they should call us to seek immediate care. The answer is a resounding yes! If you are in any doubt, don’t hesitate to call us. Our team at Pleasant Dental® will talk with … Continue reading

What Do I Need to Know About the Teeth Implant Process in Dolton IL

hat Do I Need to Know About the Teeth Implant Process in Dolton IL Area

If you have had an accident-causing tooth loss or have failing teeth, you may have considered getting dental implants. Before deciding, you will likely have several questions about the procedure. While implants are a viable option for many people, they are not the perfect fit for everyone. If you have questions, visit Dr. Dean Dietrich at Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, IL. He will assess your situation and discuss your options with you. If dental implants are suitable for you, he will also answer any questions you have, such as tooth replacement cost and the teeth implant process. These are several … Continue reading

4 Ways to Cope with Root Canal Fear in Dolton IL

4 Ways to Cope with Root Canal Fear in Dolton IL Area

Few people love going to the dentist. Experiences and stories from long ago contribute to different concerns, such as dental anxiety and fear of root canal. Dolton, IL, has a dental practice that can help alleviate any concerns you have about having a root canal treatment done. Having a fear of root canal treatment is common because back in the early days of dentistry, there were limited pain and patient comfort options. In short, root canal treatments developed a bad reputation. However, all of that has changed. How to Cope with Root Canal Fear The key to feeling less anxious … Continue reading

Get Superior Dental Treatment for Periodontal Disease in Dolton IL plus Tips on Prevention

Get Superior Dental Treatment for Periodontal Disease in Dolton IL Area Plus Tips on Prevention

Have you been struggling with sore gums lately, or even for a long time now? You might have periodontal disease. While it might be scary to have this oral condition, you can get treatment for periodontal disease in Dolton, IL, by a trusted dental professional. Before tackling what treatments are available, let’s first jump into what periodontal disease is and why so many people have it. What is periodontal disease? Periodontal disease, or periodontitis as it is also known, is one of the most common gum diseases. While this is so, it is also a severe gum disease that could … Continue reading

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