The best option is typically a dental implant. The next best option, when it is possible is the bridges, Doltondge and the partial denture is the final option. Implants and partial dentures are discussed on other pages.

A bridge takes it’s name from the same structure used to cross a river. The key items needed for the standard bridge is a solid tooth in front of the space where the tooth to be replaced was and a solid tooth behind the same space.

The two teeth are prepared in the same way a crown is, by trimming the teeth to allow room for a new top and sides. The two crowns on the supporting teeth have attached to them a false tooth which replaces the missing one. This is all made in one piece and is then cemented on the two supporting teeth to make it as permanent as we can.

Reasons a bridge is a good option:

The bridge, once it is placed in the mouth, is designed to stay in place, no taking it in and out like a partial. The bridge can be used to replace multiple missing teeth. While significantly more expensive than a partial, the bridge is typically significantly less than the cost of implants, particularly for replacing multiple teeth.

The down side of a bridge is that at times you may be cutting down completely healthy teeth for the sake of replacing other teeth. This is a harsh thing to do but it certainly is better in most cases than not replacing the teeth or doing it with something that you have to remove daily.

Like crowns bridges can be made of many different materials. How many teeth are being replaced and which teeth can make a difference in what materials are best used to create a functional and cosmetic bridge.


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