Get a trusted Second Opinion® without leaving our office: How AI helps us detect problems early and accurately

At Pleasant Dental®, we have invested in many cutting-edge technologies to treat you in the safest, most comfortable, precise, and most pleasant way possible. However, our team in Dolton, Illinois, has also invested in the latest and greatest diagnostic technologies to promote the best experience at our office. After all, our practice understands that we cannot treat what we do not know.

State-of-the-art capabilities like the Second Opinion® AI solution help us pinpoint a range of problems accurately, and we can do so earlier than ever. What that means is happier patients and more conservative and affordable treatment!

Artificial Intelligence is here, at the dentist’s office!

Second Opinion® is the first FDA-cleared, AI-powered dental platform to automatically and accurately detect numerous conditions in “real-time.” Using all of this machine intelligence allows for a “second set of eyes” when collecting, reviewing, and analyzing dental X-rays or imaging. 

Machines never get bored, distracted, or tired when doing the same thing repeatedly. So, we can use AI to consistently get reliable, high-quality analysis delivered in “real-time” while you are still in the treatment chair. Since these reviews and findings can be rendered quickly, our dentists can easily read and communicate the diagnostic information. Then, you can make the most well-informed decision about your treatment, which is in the best interests of your long-term health! 

Another benefit: Second Opinion® AI is excellent at identifying hard-to-spot issues, such as early-stage cavities or damage at the tip or apex of a tooth’s root. In turn, we can catch and address diseases and other conditions earlier, when they are easiest to treat successfully, easily, quickly, and without breaking the bank.

Second Opinion® is indicated for permanent teeth among both pediatric and adult patients (aged 12 and older). The first step to relief from symptoms like tooth sensitivity or bleeding gums is to understand what may be going on underneath the surface. We can do that and get to the root cause of the problem with a little help from our friends – the first-ever AI platform of its kind.

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