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"I HATE going to the dentist!"

Does this statement resonate with you? Have you had multiple unpleasant experiences at various dental offices? Are you STILL putting off dental work you KNOW you need?

Then I'd like to invite you to come visit us at Pleasant Dental.

Why? What difference can we make?

It has been our experience that many people think of one dental office to be much like any other. "A dentist is a dentist is a dentist". While on some real basic level that's true it is also just as false as thinking that all people are the same. Obviously we are all blessed with various skills. While no two people are exactly the same in temperament and skill sets, so it can be said of dentists and the character of the dental team and office.

What sets us apart, as told to us by many many patients (particularly those who came in very fearful), is the way we communicate and provide care in a compassionate and understanding way.

We KNOW that virtually nobody likes getting dental treatments (cleanings maybe). This knowledge is the foundation of our entire approach to care. We start by assuming you don't want to be here and it is our job, our responsibility, to make your needed care as comfortable and even as enjoyable as possible.

Does this mean we use sedation and just knock our patients out? No. We use compassion, understanding, empathy, time, distractions (TV), laughter, courtesy and common sense approaches to over come past bad experiences.

Getting the most for your Dental Dollar I've often said, and I believe it be absolutely true, our biggest fans are the patients that came to us as very fearful; patients full of horror stories of previous dental care they have received. Many times it wasn't the care itself that was the issue: it was the manner the care was given, the attitude of the staff and the doctor that set the patient off.

Pleasant Dental wasn't a name we just grabbed out of the air. It was a name suggested to us by patients who kept telling us that our care was the most "pleasant" experience they'd ever had in a dental office. Please read our comments from patients section to get some idea of what those kind enough to give us feedback had to say.

One smaller issue that we also work diligently to minimize is cost of care. Nothing is cheap in medicine these days. What many of my patients have found is that dental insurance doesn't go far today. So what you need is a dentist who will give you multiple options at
different cost levels for you to select from. You also need a dentist who isn't just out to max out your insurance.

Our goals are simple: provide you an unparalleled level of comfortable (pleasant) care in an affordable way.

Don't you owe it to yourself to get the care you NEED in an office that doesn't just talk about taking care of you, they mean it?

Give us a call today or request an appointment (click the link above) to change your dental future for the better.
Dean Dietrich, DMD

Introducing the Pleasant Dental® Membership Plan!

A simple and affordable membership plan that covers your dental care needs.

Child Complete (12 and younger)
YOU PAY $228/yr or $19/mo VALUE1: $548 YOU SAVE: $328
Included Services
  • 2 Professional cleanings
  • 2 Regular exams
  • 2 Fluoride treatments
  • Routine x-rays
  • 1 Emergency visit2
Adult Complete (13 and older)
YOU PAY $324/yr or $27/mo VALUE1: $602 YOU SAVE: $278
Included Services
  • 2 Professional cleanings
  • 2 Regular exams
  • 2 Fluoride treatments
  • Routine x-rays
  • 1 Emergency visit2
YOU PAY $540/yr or $45/mo VALUE1: $1,094 YOU SAVE: $554
Included Services
  • 3 Perio maintenance**
  • 2 Regular exams
  • 3 Fluoride treatments
  • Routine x-rays
  • 1 Emergency visit
Read More about Membership Plan

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