Life is full of unexpected events. While some of these unexpected twists and turns are joyous and fun, a dental emergency can really throw a wrench into your plans. At Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, Illinois, we provide emergency dental services so you can get out of pain and back to your daily life.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

Many patients wonder if their dental issue is considered an emergency and whether they should call us to seek immediate care. The answer is a resounding yes! If you are in any doubt, don’t hesitate to call us. Our team at Pleasant Dental® will talk with you about your symptoms and help determine whether you need to be seen on the same day or if it can wait. Additionally, we will walk you through the steps to take at home until your appointment to help relieve pain and minimize any long-term damage.

As an emergency dentist, we have seen many different types of urgent dental cases, but some of the most common emergency issues that we treat include:

  • Knocked out permanent tooth – Teeth can get knocked out in sports injuries, car accidents, and other traumatic events. If your tooth has been fully knocked out, there is a good chance we can save it if you can preserve it properly and quickly get to the dental office. Holding the tooth by the crown, rinse it off with water, and then put it back in the socket if possible. If that is not feasible, do not try to force it; simply place it in a small container and cover it with milk.
  • Loose or partially dislodged tooth – Similar to a knocked-out tooth, seeing a dentist quickly is of the essence when your tooth has become loose or partially dislodged.
  • Abscesses are an infection deep within a tooth or between the tooth and gums that typically develops after severe tooth decay or injury. If an abscess is left untreated, it can potentially spread to other areas of the body. It is important to seek dental care immediately if you are experiencing abscess symptoms, which include severe pain, swelling in the face or cheek, tenderness and swollen lymph nodes in the neck, difficulty swallowing, fever, and sensitivity to chewing or hot/cold temperatures.
  • Toothache that is not relieved by pain medications is sometimes unclear why you are experiencing tooth pain, and over-the-counter medications are insufficient to manage the pain. In this case, you should seek urgent dental care to identify and address the issue as quickly as possible.
  • Broken or missing dental restoration – If you have a filling, crown, or artificial tooth that has broken or fallen out, seeking urgent dental care is important. To minimize the chance of pain, sensitivity, and infection because the tooth has become unprotected and vulnerable to bacteria and debris.
  • Bleeding and soft tissue injuries – If you have bitten your tongue very hard, have lacerations in your gums, or other issues that are causing your gums or soft tissues to bleed. Please call us, and we can help you determine whether a visit to our office or the emergency room is necessary.
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Emergency care when you need it

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and are located in the Dolton, IL area, Dr. Dean Dietrich and the team at Pleasant Dental® are here to help. Please call us at (708) 576-1900.

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