When you think of teeth whitening, your mind may go to Zoom. It is a well-known, well-advertised brand, which has gained quite a following. If you’ve tried it, you probably know that it works, and you might be surprised to learn that Dr. Dietrich does not use Zoom here at Pleasant Dental® in Dolton. The doctor has a simple philosophy when choosing what products and services to offer. He wants to give you the most bang for your buck. You are spending valuable time and money to improve your smile, and Dr. Dietrich gives you a great value in return.

Understanding teeth whitening

Although systems and brands of teeth whitening can vary considerably in delivery method, they all work on the same basic principle. Certain types of peroxide can be safely applied to tooth enamel, breaking up stains much like using chlorine bleach on white linen.

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The problem with whitening is that the results do not occur instantly, on contact. Although tooth enamel is porous, it takes time for the peroxide to soak in. However, it must be applied carefully because, although bleaching gel is safe for enamel, it can harm soft tissue. Especially if the stains are deep-down, this can present a challenge, which is solved in various ways. At-home whitening is usually accomplished with strips or trays to keep the active ingredient in place, and away from your gums.

Why method matters

If professional whitening systems use similar active ingredients, you might expect them all to perform the same.

However, there are significant differences.

  • Professional strength whitening strips, which are available from Pleasant Dental®, are great for people with light stains. However, it takes a stronger gel to soak into the enamel and eradicate deep down stains.
  • Zoom whitening uses a whitening gel, combined with an “activation light.” What does the light accomplish? Research indicates… nothing. At least, nothing with a lasting benefit. The light tends to dehydrate tooth enamel, making it whiter and more opaque for a short time. After a couple of days, the enamel is rehydrated, leaving you with little if any benefit from the light.
  • KöR is our answer to tough stains that strips can’t handle. It is more comfortable and convenient for you, because there is no light. It also yields even better results than alternative methods, for a couple of reasons. First, the product is refrigerated during shipment and storage, so it does not lose potency to heat exposure. Additionally, it is formulated to help enamel absorb the product more readily, reaching deeper stains.

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