Losing a tooth, or several teeth, can be an overwhelming experience. First is the emotional response of losing what most patients think are permanent teeth. Next is deciding how to replace the missing teeth. Patients of Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, IL, offers his patients several choices including bridge and crown appliances, dental implants, and dentures. Many patients are familiar with the concept of dentures but don’t understand the various options.

Partial Dentures: Patients who only have one, or a few, missing teeth will need a partial denture. This type of denture secures the replacement tooth or teeth to a plastic plate, attached to metal framework which snaps into place. The denture can either be removable or permanent, depending on the patient’s preference.

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Complete Dentures: Patients who are missing an entire set of upper or lower teeth will need a complete denture. This type of denture is similar to the partial dentures but includes all of the teeth. Like partial dentures, complete dentures are custom made to give patients a comfortable fit, as well as an attractive and natural looking smile. The complete denture will be held into place with denture adhesive or dental implants. Regardless of which denture option patients choose, they can also choose to either have the dentures placed immediately or have a set that are custom made. Immediate dentures offer patients the benefit of being set quickly, however, dentures that are custom made usually fit better and are more comfortable. Some patients opt to use the immediate dentures while their conventional dentures are being created. The process for conventional dentures can take up to 12 weeks to be complete.

Both partial and complete dentures provide patients with significant oral health benefits. When a tooth is missing, the remaining teeth can shift out of place and create an environment where the teeth become crooked or where pockets that are hard to brush are created. This can lead to tooth decay or gum disease over time. Further, if many teeth are missing it can lead to a loss of support and sagging of the face.

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