Gum disease is a very common issue affecting tens of millions of Americans every year. It is easy to ignore the early gum disease symptoms because they typically seem mild – perhaps you notice some swelling in your gums or bleeding when you brush your teeth. However, if left untreated, early gum disease (gingivitis) progresses into a serious oral health problem that can lead to irreversible tissue, tooth, and bone loss, in addition to increasing your risk of systemic health problems like cardiovascular disease. At Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, IL, Dr. Dean Dietrich provides patients options for treating gum disease that are customized for their specific oral health needs.

Treating gum disease in its early stages

One of the many reasons we recommend that you visit us twice per year for a routine examination and cleaning is that it enables us to detect any emerging issues at an early stage, such as whether gingivitis has developed. This early-stage gum disease is reversible and can often be treated with simple measures such as a more rigorous home hygiene routine and more frequent dental cleanings. Antibacterial mouth rinses may also be helpful in combating the underlying infection before it gets worse.

Advanced gum disease treatment

If gum disease progresses to a more advanced stage, it is called periodontitis. When this happens, pockets begin to develop in your gums that harbor bacteria and plaque, where they eat away at the healthy tissue and cause your teeth and gums to separate. Treatments for periodontitis may include:

  • Deep cleaning (scaling and root planing) is often done as an initial therapy to remove plaque and bacteria from beneath the gum line and reduce pocket depth, enabling your teeth and gums to form a healthy seal again. We may recommend that you have a series of deep cleanings done over time to restore your oral health.
  • Oral or topical antibiotics can help kill the bacteria that cause gum disease and may be recommended in some cases.
  • Oral surgery may be required in the most advanced cases of gum disease.
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If you have noticed symptoms of gum disease, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary damage to your teeth and gums. Call Pleasant Dental® at (708) 576-1900 today to schedule your appointment!


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