Dr. Dean Dietrich is a Chicago-area dentist at Pleasant Dental® who has dedicated his practice to assisting patients with general and cosmetic dentistry solutions for their smiles. He understands that many patients seeking a brighter smile may be led to the nearest drugstore aisles for do-it-yourself whitening kits. While some of these products may provide patients with a whiter smile initially, they do not last nearly as long as professional alternatives. This is when we may suggest patients consider the benefits of teeth whitening by a dentist.

Whitening the teeth is the fastest, most economical way to enhance the smile. It can target the staining and discoloration that detracts from the appearance of the smile. Professional teeth whitening provides longer results and more vibrant smiles than anything available over-the-counter, making it the most desirable option for many of our patients.

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Methods of brightening the smile

At Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, Illinois, our team offers two methods of teeth whitening, our professional-grade Crest® whitening strips and the KöR Deep Bleaching system®. Both of these methods can address staining that other products available at the local drugstore can’t compete with. The professional Crest® whitening strips work just like the rest but have a higher concentration of bleaching ingredients for a more impressive appearance. We also offer the KöR Deep Bleaching system®, which uses a combination of in-office services and take-home trays. By combining the two, patients can enjoy a brighter smile in a shorter period of time – with longer-lasting brilliance!

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If you reside in or around the area of Chicago, Riverdale, or Dolton, contact Dr. Dean Dietrich today to schedule a consultation visit with the team. He can walk patients through the process of brightening the smile and recommend services that can assist them in achieving the smiles they’ve always wanted! Teeth whitening treatments may be combined with other cosmetic services to greatly improve the smile, including veneers, implants, and bridges.

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