Cosmetic teeth whitening is a popular treatment option for South Holland area patients interested in rejuvenating their smile when yellowing or discoloration occur. The teeth can become darker due to medications, food, beverages, and even personal habits. The years can have a negative effect on the smile, and some patients are even combating genetics that may result in duller teeth. For some, a dental cleaning may be enough to remove surface stains, but in other cases, professional-grade products and treatments may be more desirable.

Professional cleaning options available at Pleasant Dental® include take-home whitening trays and in-office power bleaching. Both are effective at addressing surface stains and deeper stains and are commonly used for patients who are unhappy with the results they are achieving with over-the-counter solutions. Additionally, patients may want faster results, which can be reached with professional guidance.

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It is important for patients to have clean teeth before they start. This removes plaque and tartar, which may negatively affect the results of the procedure. Dr. Dean Dietrich will educate patients on the process of their whitening treatment and help them understand that it is crucial to start with a dental cleaning. A dental cleaning provides a desirable foundation to start with and can allow the whitening products to whiten evenly.

South Holland area patients interested in learning more about professional dental cleanings and brightening of the smile with teeth bleaching options are encouraged to book a consultation appointment and examination with Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental®. He walks his patients through the process to help them better understand the purpose of each step and learn how it provides effective, affordable results. If you want to find out if professional-grade teeth whitening is appropriate for you, contact us today to visit our team and learn about the ways in which we can rejuvenate the appearance of your smile!

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