People are afraid of a lot of things! Bacteria, flying, swallowing spiders while you sleep, spontaneous combustion, sharks, creepy china dolls and the supernatural all end up on lists of fears that people have. Another thing that pops up though are the words “root canal”. Pleasant Dental®, in Dolton IL, gets it! Root canal treatment is usually the solution to severe tooth pain. Many mix the tooth pain with the treatment. If you are searching for root canal treatment near me in a search engine and want the place that strives to give you a gentle, comfortable and effective treatment, call us now!

Why root canal treatment is needed:

At the center of each of our teeth is an inner chamber filled with nerves and pulp. Sometimes, bacteria can enter through holes in our teeth and infect the dental pulp. When this happens, it can lead to an abscessed tooth. Abscessed teeth cause severe pain and facial swelling. Left untreated, the infection can move into the bones.

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What root canal treatment is:

Root canal therapy seeks to remove the infected material from the interior chamber of the tooth. Treatment then sterilizes the inner tooth chamber, then seals the tooth off to prevent any further infections. A porcelain crown is utilized to aid in that protection and to help give you a gorgeous grin.

Treatment benefits:

  • Saves money: Some people think that it’s better to just remove a tooth than pay for the root canal and crown. However, a missing tooth often leads to a cost for a replacement. Whether that is a dental implant or bridge, extensive visits are needed to replace the missing tooth. Also, a missing tooth or teeth can lead to future problems with bone structure of the jaw.
  • Eliminates pain: People report dental pain as one of the most intense pains out there. Root canal therapy removes the infection, which removes the pain of an infected tooth.
  • Protects the natural tooth.

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