While I may be a super dentist (speaking modestly as I always do), I am also a person capable of having the same dental issues as anyone else. Of course I do what I can to prevent disease, brushing and flossing religiously and getting regular checkups. Sometimes that isn’t enough.

Last fall I started having my first toothache. At first it was just an annoying ache but started becoming more consistent over a bit of time. I ran straight into my office and saw — myself. I had my staff take an X-ray and realized I needed a root canal.

It turned out I had cracked a tooth from clenching or grinding my teeth at night. I was occasionally wearing a night guard, as I recommend to my patients who have this habit, but apparently I didn’t wear it enough as the damage was done.

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I had the root canal, but before I could get the crown done the tooth cracked the rest of the way and had to be removed.

Without hesitation I made an appointment with one of the surgeons I refer to for an implant to be placed. I thought this will be a great opportunity for me to experience the process first hand. That makes it easier to talk to you about the implant process.

Since I had already waited some months for the bone to heal, I was able to have the implant placed in the first visit. I have to say I believe I experienced more discomfort from the root canal and the subsequent extraction than I did for the placement of the implant. In fact I took one Ibuprofen at the end of the appointment and that is all I ever needed.

If you need an implant don’t let fear of pain or the actual implant placement stop you. If costs hold you back ask us, or the specialists we use, about low or no interest financing.

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