A partial denture is a removable appliance used to replace some, but not all, teeth in an arch. Dr. Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® offers several tooth replacement options, because everyone has different needs. Some people prefer the stability of a fixed restoration, while others consider removable appliances more convenient. Partial dentures are also popular because they are fast and economical, and you have the option of changing your mind later, and getting a fixed appliance.

There are several types of partial dentures. The best choice depends on a number of factors, including your oral health and personal preferences.

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This is the least expensive and probably most common type of removable partial denture. It includes a gum-colored plastic base with false teeth attached, and metal clasps to secure it to existing teeth. It is typically a temporary solution, especially while healing from dental implants.

Cast metal

This tried-and-true design has been in use since the days of Paul Revere, who was a dentist and silversmith in his spare time. The denture is built on a framework of cast metal, creating a stronger appliance and more secure fit than the flipper style. Because the base rests against the teeth, rather than the gums, it retains its stability even as the gumline evolves. The metal is hidden, and your smile will still look beautiful and natural.

Flexible framework

This is one of the more recent innovations in dentistry. A tough, flexible material, usually nylon, is used to create the denture base. It rests against the gum tissue around teeth, which is much more stable than gum tissue at the extraction site. These dentures are durable, stable, and quite comfortable.


A combination of the two types described above, this partial denture has the stability of a metal base supported by teeth, with the comfort and convenience of a flexible nylon denture. The clasps are made of a gum-colored flexible material, for convenience and aesthetics.

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