Does the smile you see in the mirror sparkle like fresh snow? Unless you are a kid, or you’ve had teeth whitening treatment, the answer is probably, “no.” Tooth enamel is naturally bright and uniform in color. However, your adult teeth finish developing long before you finish high school, and they have the rest of your life to accumulate various stains. Fortunately, those stains are removable, and your teeth can be returned to their youthful brilliance.

How KöR is different

You have an endless variety of options for whitening your teeth. Commercial products are the least effective, because they have a lower concentration of whitening ingredients than professional strength products do. Most people will see moderate improvement from any professional whitening system. However, the results may be less dramatic than you hoped with some formulas. Additionally, some types of stains, such as tetracycline, are especially challenging to remove. KöR is a unique system, capable of achieving more dramatic results than other brands, even on difficult stains.

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What to expect

KöR deep bleaching is not a single treatment, but rather a complete system. It is completed in three phases:

  • We begin with a treatment here in the office. Unlike some brands, KöR does not use an activation light. That means the results you see are genuine; they are not the result of dehydrated, overly opaque tooth enamel. The initial session archives visible improvement, and helps restore the tooth enamel’s natural ability to absorb whiteners.
  • The next phase is daily whitening at home, using custom-made trays. They are specially designed to prevent leakage, because leaks can irritate your gums as well as reducing the effectiveness of the product.
  • The final step in a complete deep bleaching program is a follow up in-office session. Using this three-step system, most patients can see improvement of up to 16 shades, which is about twice as much as typical dental whitening brands. KöR deep bleaching is often successful when other techniques have failed.If you want to learn more about the most powerful teeth whitening system in the Chicago area, call Pleasant Dental® at (708) 576-1900 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Dietrich.

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