Dentists join insurance networks for one simple reason – to get more patients. Being in the network is considered a smart move because so many people with insurance have been programed to believe a dentist in the network is far less costly than those who are not. Having practiced for over 30 years and in multiple offices both in and out of all kinds of networks, I can tell you this idea is exceptionally misleading.

A dentist who joins a network is required to accept “negotiated” fees for many if not all of the services they offer. Some insurance companies just hand the dentist a schedule of fees and say: this is it. If you want in these will be your fees. Other companies actually do sit and negotiate the fees with the dental office. Here’s the kicker. Sometimes the fees being offered are HIGHER than the fees the dentist presently charges. We’ve run into that on several occasions. Not saving money there then are you?

When a dentist does accept a significant fee reduction so they might get new patients, they are taking a significant hit to any profits they might otherwise make. Yes, dentists need to profit from the care they deliver or there’s little reason for them to deliver care. So what do these in-network dentists do to make up for their losses? They find more things to charge you and the insurance for.

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For example: let’s say you need a simple filling. Maybe the dentist usually would charge $100 for the filling. Now with the insurance network they can only charge $85. They have effectively lost 15% of the value of the service (and probably half of any profits they’d usually make). So to make up for that they decide to legitimately charge for some medications they place under the filling to total an additional $20. Maybe they also charge a sterilization fee or some other ancillary fee. Now the fee is $105 or more. Did you save? No.

How often do you think the “in-network” dentists throw in extra services without charging? In my experience… seldom.

At Pleasant Dental® we believe in fair fees (below independently reported area averages) for the services we provide you. We do NOT charge for every little item that we legitimately could. Why? Because so few have any significant insurance coverage that we want to help you stretch every single dollar as far as we can. This is why we created our “Insurance Maximizer Program™.” What’s more we stand behind our services.

Remember insurance networks are for the benefit of the insurance company and not you. All they want to see is a decrease in how much they have to spend. They have little interest in how well you are treated. “Hey you got the fillings…why should we care that the dentist and staff were rude?”

If you’re ready to be treated from start to pocketbook finish in a fair and honest way, gives us a call at (708) 576-1900. We expect to prove how good choosing us is every contact we have with you.

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