Dentures are a common tooth replacement option for people who are missing several teeth. While many people think of the functional transformation that dentures can have on your mouth, enabling you to eat the foods you like again and chew normally, a lot of people don’t realize the positive impact that they can also have on your visual appearance. Here, Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, IL explains how dentures work and how they can change the appearance of your face.

The challenges of missing teeth

Having several missing teeth or being told by your dentist that you need several teeth extracted is a stressful experience. Not only are you dealing with the loss of function that those teeth provide when you are eating your favorite foods, but you are also faced with communication issues such as struggles with certain speech sounds and a lack of confidence to smile and laugh with others. A little-known fact is that when several teeth are missing, it can also change the visual appearance of your face, causing:

  • An overall change in the facial shape and structure
  • A sagging or sunken appearance
  • A recessed jawline
  • The appearance of premature aging

Trying to determine the best way to restore your smile can also be a challenge. With a wide variety of options available that have a broad range of prices and results, it can be difficult to decide on which treatment is best for your specific situation.

Dentures: an effective, affordable tooth replacement option

There are several types of dentures, but they all have the same primary purpose: to replace teeth that are missing in your mouth. They are one of the most affordable tooth replacement options and can have a number of positive effects on your oral health and self-confidence.

  • Full dentures replace the entire dental arch and are typically used when a patient is missing most or all the teeth in the arch; they are fully removable and are typically held in place with natural suction or denture adhesives
  • Partial dentures replace only some of the teeth in the arch; they are also fully removable and are typically held in place with clasps
  • Implant-supported dentures are a combination of dentures and dental implants; often four dental implants are placed in strategic locations along the dental arch to provide unparalleled stability and comfort, as well as jawbone stimulating benefits
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How dentures can change the appearance of your face

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Because dentures simulate your natural smile and replace teeth in areas where they previously naturally provided volume in your face, they can help restore the proper proportions of your face and minimize the appearance of sagging and aging. With a properly fitted denture that has the right height and size for your individual mouth, your lips have the support they need for a healthy, plump appearance and the muscles in your face will no longer sag or look hollowed out.

Implant-supported dentures have additional benefits for your facial appearance because the implants help stabilize your jawbone and prevent bone loss, which is critical to keeping your natural face shape. When you lose your teeth, your jaw bone naturally experiences some bone loss, which causes jaw recession over time. This diminishes the space between your chin and nose, altering your overall appearance. When an implant-supported denture is securely in place, the integrity of the jawbone is maintained and the appearance of a receding jawline is diminished, restoring your face back to its natural proportions.

We partner with you to find the best tooth replacement solution

At Pleasant Dental®, you will find a team of professionals who provide compassionate, high-quality care that is focused on you. Each patient receives a personalized evaluation and consultation, and Dr. Dietrich takes the time to learn about your preferences and budget before making recommendations on the types of treatments that are suitable for your individual needs and goals. At Pleasant Dental®, we believe that when our patients are educated and knowledgeable about their treatment, they achieve better long-term results. Dr. Dietrich will go over the pros and cons of each treatment option that he presents to you and encourages you to ask any questions you have – no question is frowned upon!

If you are suffering from the negative effects that missing teeth have on your life or are facing necessary tooth extractions and are seeking more information on your tooth replacement options, look no further. Call Pleasant Dental®, conveniently located in Dolton, IL, at (708) 576-1900 today!


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