There’s no better way to wrap up a day, or begin a weekend than going out with your family or friends and sitting down to your favorite meal. Unfortunately, if you have poorly fitting dentures, it might not be a good feeling. Maybe you can’t even eat your favorite foods, so have to settle for substitutes. Chewing can be painful if you have denture sores. Isn’t there a better way to replace your teeth? Yes! Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® offers several solutions.

A better denture

Dr. Dietrich takes great care to attain an accurate impression for a snug fit. He also works with a high-quality dental lab, which transforms his design into a reality with precision accuracy. The result is a denture that fits like a glove, for optimal comfort. If your upper dentures have never fit right, they weren’t made right in the first place. Lower dentures are a bit more challenging. They have a smaller base, resulting in less contact with the gums. A good fit will certainly improve stability, but many patients still need to use adhesive. Relining.

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If your dentures did fit, and now they don’t, it’s time for a reline. Your jawbone and gumline gradually recede and evolve in shape once natural teeth have been lost. Even the best fitting denture becomes sloppy over time. Fortunately, it may not need replacing if you are happy with it otherwise. A layer of denture lining material can give your old denture a new fit.


For many people, the best solution of all is dental implants. This option is more economical than you may realize. You won’t need a mouthful of implants; just a few can stabilize a full denture plate, eliminating the risk of slipping. No adhesives are needed, and you can eat whatever you want. As an added benefit, implants help slow or stop the bone deterioration that most denture wearers experience.

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