A brilliant, white smile is widely regarded as beautiful, making the individual seem warmer and friendlier. Since ancient times humankind has sought to improve the natural coloring of teeth, and remove the stains that accumulate with age. Throughout history, various substances ranging from urine to acid have been used for this purpose. Thankfully, modern times have brought new standards of safety and sanitation, as well as innovative, scientifically researched new solutions to old problems. Today, stained or discolored teeth can be brightened safely and effectively with peroxide-based formulas.

Improving on a good thing

The discovery of peroxide for tooth whitening marked the birth of a new industry. Store shelves are lined with products containing the “same active ingredient as professional whiteners.” These claims are not false, but they are misleading. Commercially available products have much lower concentrations of these ingredients than professional formulas, leading to inferior results. Additionally, the safety of do-it-yourself whitening is questionable, due to the lack of professional supervision.

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Even among dental whitening systems, you have a staggering number of options. A few brands are well established with familiar names, leading many people to assume they are superior. However, the first idea isn’t always the best. Traditional peroxide-based whitening is limited by the tooth enamel’s ability to absorb it, as well as the patient’s ability to endure the tooth sensitivity that often accompanies treatment.

KöR Deep Bleaching, available at Pleasant Dental®, is a new concept in peroxide whitening. It is formulated to prevent sensitivity, while restoring the enamel’s permeability for better results with a more comfortable experience. Dramatic improvement can be achieved, even on teeth with deep stains or intrinsic discoloration, such as tetracycline stains.

Unlike many brands, KöR whitening does not require the use of an activation-light. Although the application of light, and thus heat, appears to make teeth brighter, it actually just makes them drier. Healthy tooth enamel contains about five percent water. When it becomes dehydrated, it appears brighter and more opaque, just like a wet piece of paper compared to a dry one.

Many patients complain that the added brightness of light-activated whitening does not look natural, because the opacity creates a chalky appearance. Additionally, it is very short-lived. As soon as the enamel recovers its natural moisture content, the patient is left with only the stain removal that was caused by the peroxide formula. Rather than artificially enhancing results with the use of light, KöR’s developers focused on creating a better product, and a better method of delivery, with phenomenal results.

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