A dental crown, also called a cap, is used to restore a broken, damaged, or weak tooth. It covers all exposed surfaces, acting as a shield between the tooth and anything that might contact it. It also replaces any portion of the tooth structure that is missing, and restores the proper size and shape.

The dental crown procedure is very straightforward and it only involves a few steps. First, the tooth is shaped and impressions are taken. Then the crown is created by a laboratory. When it is ready, your dentist removes the temporary, cleans off the tooth, and cements the new one in place. It may sound simple, but the smallest error in design, preparation, or placement can cause big problems. That is why Dr. Dietrich does not “cut corners” or ignore the small details, which explains his excellent success rate with crowns and other dental procedures.

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Each stage of the process is approached with exacting precision:

  • Preparation – First, all of the diseased tooth material needs to be removed. The next step is shaping the tooth. It might need grinding down or building up, depending on how much healthy structure there is. Both the size and shape are crucial. The height and angle of the finished tooth must be precisely correct, or there will be a negative impact on your bite. The tooth must be small enough to allow for sufficient thickness of the crown, yet large enough to be a strong base.
  • Design – The crown is designed for optimal health, comfort, longevity, and esthetics. If you have selected porcelain, which is the most common material, the color will be matched to your other teeth. Additionally, the size, shape, and subtle contours of the crown are designed to replicate a flawless tooth. In most cases, the original shape of the tooth is recreated. However, a crown can also be used to correct a misshapen tooth.
  • Fabrication – The quality of the restoration is dependent on the quality of the dental laboratory. Therefore, Dr. Dietrich only works with select, trusted, reputable labs and ceramists.
  • Placement – The final step is putting your new crown in place. Although Dr. Dietrich’s attention to detail prevents most common issues, he will not cement the crown until everything is verified. When the alignment is correct, the fit is ideal, and you are happy with the comfort and appearance, your new crown is permanently secured in place.

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