There are several options for replacing missing teeth; namely dentures, partials, bridges, or Dental Implants. At Pleasant Dental® Dolton, IL , Dr. Dietrich can help provide all of these procedures. Increasingly, patients are finding implants to be the better choice. They are sturdy, beautiful, and long lasting.

Bridges vs. implants

A bridge or an implant can effectively replace a missing tooth, and look perfectly natural. The primary difference is in the way they are attached. Implants are embedded in the jawbone, providing exceptional stability and preventing bone deterioration.

Bridges rest atop the gum, and are anchored to crowns on the adjacent teeth. This means bacteria, plaque, and food particles can accumulate between the appliance and the gum, potentially increasing your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Even when the abutment (anchor) teeth are in sound condition, they need to be reduced for crowning, whereas implants are independent and require no adjustment to other teeth.

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Traditional dentures vs. implants

Dentures are a good option for fast, economical replacement of missing teeth. They restore most functionality, but they do have several disadvantages. Nearly all denture wearers have to give up some of their favorite foods, and many feel self-conscious when eating out. They must be removed for cleaning, and during sleep. Additionally, messy adhesive is often required to keep them in place, and it’s not always effective.

Overdentures, or implant-supported dentures, are similar in design to traditional dentures. However, they do not rely on adhesive or natural suction. Instead, they snap in place, over implants. Mini implants, with ball or bar tops, are often used. This is a good option for patients with significant bone loss, because mini implants do not require as much bone tissue for placement.

Implants can effectively replace missing teeth, with convenience and full functionality. If you are ready to say goodbye to traditional dentures or gaps in your smile forever, call Dr. Dietrich at Pleasant Dental® today, and ask about the benefits of Dental Implants in Dolton. (708) 576-1900.

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