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When patients are missing one or more teeth, they need to speak to a dental professional about repairing their smile in an effective and affordable manner. For many, dental bridges are the solution of choice. Other options include dental implants and dentures, but there is no “one size fits all” solution for every patient, and Dr. Dean Dietrich understands this. For some patients, dental bridges may be more desirable, as they are permanent like dental implants but cost less, rivaling partial dentures.

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Dental bridges are ceramic restorations that are fabricated by fusing false teeth called pontics to dental crowns on each side. These crowns are cemented over teeth on each side to hold them in place. By doing this, the bridge has the support it needs to function. Biting and chewing forces can also be reduced thanks to the adjacent teeth. Many patients find that dental bridges are very affordable and are often covered by dental insurance plans.

Placement of dental bridges is simple and is done after the preparation of the adjacent teeth, during which some of the enamel is removed. This ensures there is space to bond the bridge in place and to eliminate the chance of adding bulk to the area.

Dental bridges are popular and this is why Dr. Dean Dietrich is proud to provide them as a solution to missing teeth. Placing a dental bridge can restore function, aesthetics, and the ability to speak properly and feel confident every time they smile, laugh, or speak with others.

Patients in the South Holland area are welcome to contact Pleasant Dental® today to learn about the advantages of dental bridges. We want our patients to learn about the options available and make an educated decision based on the knowledge of our professional team.

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