Dr. Dean Dietrich and his team at Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, IL understand the desire for a beautiful smile. When teeth are lost, for whatever reasons, which lead to unsightly gaps in the smile, this not only causes unattractive aesthetic issues, but could also lead to more serious dental health issues in the long run. Dental bridges are designed to fill the gaps caused by missing teeth so that you are showing off a beautiful and healthy smile again. Patients in the Dolton, IL area have been reaping the awesome benefits provided by this treatment performed by Dr. Dietrich and his team. Let us look at some of the advantages provided by dental bridges.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

Before you look at the benefits provided by dental bridge work, it is important to understand what exactly a dental bridge is. A dental bridge is constructed to fill a gap created by missing or extracted teeth. When a gap is not filled, it could lead to issues including shifting teeth or degradation of jawbone. Some benefits, other than restoring the health of your smile, that a dental bridge offers include:

  • A dental bridge will restore your smile by filling in the gap between two teeth which has been created by lost teeth.
  • Depending on where you have lost teeth, your ability to speak or chew properly could be affected. A dental bridge will restore this functionality.
  • When you lose teeth, the health ramifications can be much more dire than you realize. When the bone underneath the missing teeth are not stimulated anymore, it can cause this bone to degenerate and your face may begin to sag. With a dental bridge, you will be able to maintain a healthy bone structure and your face will remain properly shaped.
  • With missing teeth, your ability to bite with proper distribution of force can become hampered. A dental bridge can resolve this problem by allowing proper distribution of force across all teeth when biting.
  • Another side effect of missing teeth is that your teeth adjacent to the gap can begin, over time, to drift into this gap. This drifting of position can slowly spread further to other teeth as more space is made available in your mouth. A dental bridge will prevent this from happening as the gap is filled by the bridge.
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Dental Bridge Cost

The cost of a dental bridge will vary from person to person depending on what the individual’s dental insurance is willing to cover. For many, dental insurance will cover a significant portion of dental bridge work making this a very cost-effective procedure. For exact cost, make sure and talk with your dentist and dental insurance company for pricing.

If you are interested in learning more about why a dental bridge may be the best option available to replace any missing teeth, please contact Dr. Dean Dietrich at Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, IL by calling (708) 576-1900.

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