A common dental restoration that is done at Pleasant Dental® in Dolton is dental crowns. Crowns are porcelain pieces that are custom fabricated to fit over a natural tooth to protect it and restore functionality.

Dental crowns are made to be bonded or cemented over a natural tooth for several reasons. This may be because the tooth is cracked, has an extremely large filling, or has recently undergone root canal therapy. With root canal therapy, the removal of the dental pulp causes the natural tooth to no longer receive a blood supply or have nerves in it. This can make it weak and brittle, so a dental crown is created and bonded to the tooth in order to give it strength and protection.

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Dental crowns are also placed over teeth that have chips, cracks or other problems that weaken the tooth. This is because any further damage may require the tooth to be extracted. By placing a strong dental crown over the top of the tooth, it can offer strength and support to keep the problem from worsening and to save the natural tooth.

Dental crowns are effective because they are designed for a specific tooth, and are custom-made to fit properly. They are bonded or cemented onto the teeth, creating a stable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing replacement. Additionally, they are made with extremely durable materials. This gives crowns their long lifespan and make them the best way to keep teeth from becoming further damaged or destroyed.

Dr. Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® in Dolton can talk with you to determine if you are a candidate for a dental crown. Whether you have a cracked tooth or require a root canal, dental crowns may be the best protection for your teeth. Call today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out if dental crowns are right for you! (708) 576-1900.

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