Patients who come to the Pleasant Dental® office in Dolton, IL are searching for excellent care in a professional and cheerful atmosphere. Our team enjoys helping patients nearby reach optimum oral health and achieve a great looking smile through individualized treatment. With Dr. Dietrich and the team at Pleasant Dental®, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry. Instead we take the time to get to know each patient and understand his or her unique circumstances.

To that end, when someone is looking for a dentist near them to restore a tooth that is sore or damaged, our team takes the time to determine the cause of the pain before suggesting a solution. When a tooth is damaged from a cavity that went untreated for too long, or has been damaged due to an accident or trauma, dental crowns are frequently a solution.

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While the use of dental crowns date back to archeological times, there is nothing antiquated about the use of them today. Now, crowns are made of quality porcelain which allows the patient to achieve a restored tooth that looks and feels exactly like the original tooth. A dental crown is created specifically to the dentist’s specifications ensuring that it will be an exact match in shape and color. Because it’s made of quality material, it not only looks good, but it provides the same support and function that the complete original tooth did.

Further, dental crowns are often the only way to save a tooth that is badly broken or damaged. While extraction of a damaged tooth is always an option, most dentists and patients prefer to save the original tooth when possible. This ensures that the teeth remain in place and helps to avoid costly, time intensive, and uncomfortable treatments and procedures.

Many patients ask us, “But will dental crowns work for me?” The answer is that we simply don’t know until we examine your mouth. If you have a tooth that you believe is badly damaged or if you’re having any tooth or mouth pain, call our office today and let us help you determine the cause and the right path for treatment.

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