​ Cosmetic dentistry was once believed to only be available to the Hollywood elite. Thanks to continued advances in dentistry, cosmetic treatment is more affordable than ever! Patients in the Dolton, IL area are welcome to schedule a consultation visit with the team at Pleasant Dental® to discuss the possibilities of enhancing their smiles.

Who is a candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is for everyone! Anyone who has an imperfection of the smile can take the time to speak with the team of Pleasant Dental® to discover their best solutions. Aesthetic work can address:

  • Missing teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Permanently stained teeth
  • Spaced teeth
  • Unusually-shaped teeth
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What treatments are available?

Dr. Dean Dietrich is pleased to offer a variety of treatments. Treatments often used in cosmetic dentistry include:

  • Implants – replacing missing teeth in a permanent way is achieved with dental implants
  • Professional bleaching – whitening the smile can be done right in the dental office with same-day results versus over-the-counter alternatives
  • Crowns – a crown or “cap” is used in general and restorative dentistry to cover a natural tooth
  • Veneers – these ceramic facings are used to bond onto the front of a tooth to change the appearance and disguise imperfections
  • Dentures – full and partial dentures are available at Pleasant Dental® for tooth replacement
  • Bridges – A dental bridge replaces a single tooth or several in a row
  • Snap-on Smiles – patients seeking temporary enhancement of the smile may consider the advantages of having a set of Snap-On smiles fabricated

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Dr. Dean Dietrich at Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, IL is proud to offer cosmetic treatments. Contact his practice at (708) 576-1900 to schedule a consultation visit and discuss the solutions available for you and your smile!

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