You hear about bleaching teeth all the time. Dentists market it as a easy process for those patients who want to improve the looks of their teeth. Today there are multiple kinds of bleaching. Most work. Some provide a fair change of color. Others produce significant changes. None have ever provided the kind of change I have witnessed with what is called “Deep Bleaching” or Kor whitening. (both are trademarks of Dr. Rod Kurthy)

Like many bleaching techniques, Deep Bleaching uses bleaching trays to produce the desired effect. The fact that trays are used like other systems is misleading. Unlike other systems the trays are made in a manner that truly promotes holding the bleach against the teeth.

If you think that all bleaching trays do that, you’d be mistaken. Most bleaching trays are comparatively sloppily made and easily allow the bleach to be washed out by saliva. Deep bleaching trays require expertise and precision to be made. Most dentists and most labs don’t come close to the level required.

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While the tray is critically important, so is the bleaching material itself. You see bleach degrades in potency as soon as it is made. If it is subject to heat during shipping or in storage in the dentists office, it loses even more bleaching ability. The folks at Kor ship the bleaching materials on ice. They are never subjected to significant heat from the time of manufacture to the time they are used. This assures the highest potency and most effective bleaching.

Recently I did a bleaching on an older patient (older teeth are often harder to bleach). She had moderately dark teeth. The Deep Bleaching process we had elected required her to use the trays at home for two weeks prior to coming into our office for a final inoffice bleaching.

When she returned to our office she smiled and her teeth virtually glowed. We really didn’t need to do any additional bleaching, but we did the in-office part and she went away extremely satisfied with the results.

Frankly, the Deep Bleaching process is the only process I know of that would have accomplished this. I have tried many of the other tray systems, the systems that use lights and others. None held a candle to the results I have achieved with Deep Bleaching.

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