Digital dentistry takes a major leap with the launch of the 

TRIOS 3 Scanner

Pleasant Dental is proud to introduce this latest technology for our patients in Dolton, Illinois.

What is the new  TRIOS 3 Scanner system?

It is a new intraoral scanner that enables dentists to achieve superior, more accurate results and faster turnaround times (one week against three) without more invasive manual dental impressions.

Benefits of TRIOS 3 Scanner for dentists

– Designing crowns, bridges, and implants is easier, faster, and more hygienic. – Can complete full impressions and send them to lab quicker. – Can explain procedure easily to patients with 3-D impressions. – Cost-effective

Benefits for patients

– They can see their 3-D impressions pre-procedure. – More comfortable, no gagging, less anxiety – Less invasive Takes only fewer and shorter visits, less chair time – Results are accurate, look natural, last long.