Nearly everyone wants a winning smile, with gorgeous, straight, white teeth. In the past, many adults considered the embarrassment of wearing braces worse than having crooked teeth. Invisalign has changed the world of orthodontics, giving adults a discreet, comfortable way to a beautiful, straight smile. While Invisalign is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment, many people are unaware of the vast health benefits it offers.

Straighter teeth, healthier mouth

In addition to being unsightly, crooked teeth are difficult to clean. Overlapping or tilted teeth can create tight spaces that even floss will not fit. When part of the tooth surface is hidden behind another tooth, it can be hard to reach. Brush bristles and floss often miss contacting some surfaces, due to difficult angles. As you probably know, any plaque that is not removed serves as an invitation for decay and gum disease.

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Bite problems, and even crooked teeth, can cause pain or discomfort in your jaw. In some cases, this may even lead to TMJ/TMD, a painful disorder of the jaw joint, which is known to cause symptoms such as severe headaches and tinnitus.

Benefits of Invisalign

The number one reason people request Invisalign treatment is cosmetic. The aligner trays are transparent, so no one will even notice unless they look very closely. This system is also quite popular for its convenience. The trays are removed during meals and oral hygiene, so there are no dietary restrictions. You can eat whatever you want, and brush and floss as normal.

Traditional braces are bonded to your teeth, and non-removable. Eating can become a challenge, and oral hygiene can take up hours of your day. Even with sincere effort, it is very difficult to remove all plaque and food particles. Many people develop decay or white marks under their braces. With Invisalign, this is not an issue – no extra brushing time, and no plaque left behind!

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