At Pleasant Dental, we love to see our patients smile! We especially love helping them feel more confident in the appearance of their smile. With the use of restorations such as dental implants, Dolton, IL area patients can address imperfections caused by missing teeth. This tooth replacement option is available from our dentist. Many patients ask, why are dental implants becoming so popular?

Understanding the dental implant

Any implant that is placed into the body helps in replacing something that has become broken, defective, or missing. This applies to the smile as well. When a tooth has been extracted or is missing due to trauma or disease, our patients often consider implants. Typically, implants are the best way of restoring your smile’s beauty and function. Dental implants are posts made to replace the natural tooth root. The top of it, called the abutment, is then completed using:

The type of restoration used with the implant will vary from patient to patient based on individual needs.

Who is a candidate for a dental implant?

Dental implants utilize the bone of the jaw to hold them firmly in place, giving them the foundation for proper functionality. Because of this, only patients with enough bone structure of the jaw are considered candidates. Patients who have lost bone due to periodontal disease (or other conditions) can sometimes have implants if needed bone can be added to the area. If that is not desirable or an option, there are alternative tooth replacements for most situations. During the initial evaluation, you can decide if dental implants are right for you.

Why are dental implants becoming so popular?

Why are dental implants becoming so popular in Dolton area

There are various ways to replace teeth. However, dental implants continue to be gaining popularity because of their many advantages. Some of the reasons dental implants are so popular are listed below:

  • Comfortable fit – because the dental implant is placed into the jawbone during oral surgery, it will become integrated into the smile. The bone around the implant will grow to solidify the implant in the jaw. This results in a comfortable fit, unlike many full dentures and partial dentures that may need constant readjustments and replacements.
  • Natural appearance – dental implants are designed to provide the look, feel, and function of a natural tooth. This ensures that the restoration is not only beautiful but also allows patients to eat and speak properly.
  • Permanency – dental implants are often chosen because of their permanency. With proper care and attention, these restorations can last a lifetime. This makes them the perfect option for men and women who want a no-fuss way to replace their missing teeth.
  • High success rates – when a dentist places a dental implant into the bone of the jaw, it needs to be successful for osseointegration to occur. During the pre-evaluation period, the dentist will decide if a patient is a proper candidate. Moving forward with placing dental implants is only done if the process will be successful and have the best chance of lasting.
  • Improved efficiency – dental implants are well-known for allowing patients to restore the function and appearance of their smiles. These restorations ensure improved efficiency for eating, chewing, and speaking. Patients who have been missing teeth will find that these activities may be challenging. Restoring the smile using dental implants eliminates these issues and ensures a healthy, beautiful smile that functions at its best!
  • Improved facial features and bone retention – many other methods of replacing teeth, including dentures and bridges, will cause a patient to lose jawbone structure. This creates that sunken-in appearance often seen in long-term denture wearers. Fortunately, with the placement of a dental implant in the jawbone, patients can experience maintenance of the natural bone. This, in turn, ensures the facial structure stays the same. No other dental restoration for missing teeth can offer this same benefit, making dental implants the apparent option for many of our patients at Pleasant Dental.
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