Partial dentures do not replace a complete set of teeth, leading to questions about their use. Your Dolton IL dentist at Pleasant Dental® helps patients that can benefit from partial dentures.

So, what is a partial denture and why might a person need partial dentures?

What are Some Reasons that Patients Need a Partial Denture?

Partial dentures differ from complete dentures because they replace a few missing teeth, not a complete full set of teeth. Some people lose only a few teeth because of decay, trauma, or other injuries. In situations like this, a person may need a partial denture.

The dentist customizes partial dentures for the individual patient to look and function as close as possible to their natural teeth.

What are the Benefits of Partial Dentures?

Some may believe that they are OK with a few missing teeth. But that poses a risk of decay, weakness, or stress on surrounding teeth and other potential oral health issues.

Partial dentures have several benefits, including:

  • Restores proper chewing and eating ability
  • Improves the smile
  • Improves self-confidence
  • It helps improve speech that may be altered by missing teeth
  • It helps to enhance the form and function of the jawline

Partial dentures are typically designed with wire clasps that attach to surrounding teeth. Dr. Dean Dietrich at Pleasant Dental® often uses the latest innovation, called Second NatureTM. Patients that choose this option discover additional benefits to wearing a partial denture because Second NatureTM partial dentures are created with a metal-free frame. Zirlux Acetal, an advanced type of high-strength thermoplastic, is used to create the extremely comfortable, durable, and natural-looking partial denture that can last for years. These partial dentures are easy to care for, which your dentist will explain at your appointment.

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