A dental crown is a great way to repair or protect a tooth. It seems like a simple restoration – a cap, which looks like a tooth. However, with today’s dental materials, technologies, and techniques we have many options. Dr. Dean Dietrich offers a wide range of materials, because every patient has unique aesthetic preferences, health needs, and budget considerations.

Options available include:

  • Gold – Dr. Dietrich firmly believes this is the best material, despite its unpopularity. Gold is highly biocompatible, and extremely strong. It also has a thermal expansion rate similar to that of natural tooth material, which means that it expands and contacts at about the same speed when temperature changes. Other materials respond slower or faster, so every time you bite into hot pizza or cold ice cream; it puts extra stress on the bonding material.
  • Porcelain – This is a favorite of patients. The advantages of porcelain include a much lower price than gold, and a natural appearance. Of all dental materials, porcelain is considered the closest match to tooth enamel in transparency, opalescence, and reflectivity. It is also very hard, stain resistant, and wear resistant, though it will fracture.
  • Base metal – With similar strength to gold and a more affordable price, this may be a good option for some patients. They can be used as temporary or, in some cases, permanent restorations. However, some people are not candidates due to metal allergies.
  • Porcelain fused to metal – This option combines most advantages of porcelain and metal crowns. They are strong, durable, and beautiful. Unfortunately, the metal has a tendency to darken the porcelain at the edge, creating a line along the gums.
  • Zirconia – A newer and very promising option is zirconia. It has an appearance similar to porcelain, with strength similar to metal. However, it lacks the stain-resistance of porcelain. This may be resolved with porcelain-fused to zirconia.
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Dr. Dietrich believes that your oral health is your business. He will not arbitrarily choose the procedure and material that he prefers. He will make recommendations, and explain his reasons as well as explaining the good and bad points of the alternatives. An educated decision is one that you won’t regret. Choose a dentist who respects you enough to give you all of the information you need, and honors your wishes. Call (708) 576-1900 and schedule an appointment with Pleasant Dental® in Dalton, IL today.

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