As a dental practice, we absolutely love helping patients keep their smiles healthy! But we understand that our patients don’t always love getting restorative care for their teeth—in fact, many people will do anything they can to avoid it. But at Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, IL, there is no reason to delay scheduling an appointment with Dr. Dietrich. Dental crowns are one of the most common treatments we provide. We believe that when you are well-informed about what to expect from your treatment and have an understanding of the dental crown placement procedure, you have a better overall experience and less anxiety. Below, we explain everything you need to know.

What a dental crown does

Before getting into the details of the procedure, let’s discuss what dental crowns are used for and why Dr. Dietrich might recommend one. Dental crowns are like a cap for your tooth; they are even frequently called “tooth caps.” They are used to protect a tooth that has sustained too much damage to be treated with more conservative options such as fillings or bonding. Common reasons a tooth may need to be covered with a dental crown include:

  • Root canal treatment
  • Extensive decay
  • Large cracks or chips
  • Significant wear on the tooth due to an improper bite or clenching and grinding
  • Large fillings that have weakened a tooth
  • Aesthetic reasons

Evaluation and discussion of your options

The first step in the dental crown placement process is a comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Dietrich to ensure that a crown is the best option for your individual situation. Once he discusses your options with you and you decide on a crown, the next choice is what material to use. Gold is an extremely durable option that is less likely to cause uneven wear on your other healthy teeth, but it is not tooth-colored, so can stand out in your mouth. Most patients end up choosing porcelain for their crown because it is tooth-colored and can even be shaded to match your existing teeth. If you decide to use porcelain, you have even further options, such as whether to use a metallic base or a porcelain one. Dr. Dietrich is happy to discuss all the pros and cons of the various options with you so you are comfortable with your decision—after all, you will ideally have this crown in your mouth for many years!

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Preparing your tooth for the crown

Once all the initial decisions have been made, we are ready to prepare your tooth for the crown. In this procedure, Dr. Dietrich simply files away some of the tooth structure to shape it for the crown. This is necessary to ensure that the crown looks, feels, and functions naturally in your mouth and does not appear too big or bulky in comparison to your other teeth or cause issues with your bite. At this point, we will take impressions of your mouth that will be used to fabricate your custom crown at a laboratory out of the materials you have selected.

Because the protective enamel of your tooth will be reduced during the shaping procedure, a temporary crown may be placed on your tooth that day before you leave the office.

Placement of the crown

Placement of the crown in Dolton, IL area

Once your permanent crown has arrived at our office, you will come back in and we will check its fit in your mouth. If you and Dr. Dietrich agree that it is ready to go, he will then adhere the crown to your tooth with a permanent bonding agent.

After your procedure, you may experience some sensitivity in the new crown area, but that typically dissipates. It is important to take good care of the gums around your crown and brush it just like you would with a regular tooth to ensure that the underlying tooth and gums stay healthy, which will prolong the life of your crown.

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At Pleasant Dental®, Dr. Dean Dietrich’s goal is to make everyone comfortable feel at home while they are getting affordable, high-quality dental care. Several restorative treatments are offered to help bring your smile back in both look and function. He will not recommend any treatments unless they are actually beneficial for improving the health of your mouth or to achieve your cosmetic goals for your smile. Whether you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile or you have been suffering from a painful tooth and avoiding a call to the dentist for fear of getting nickel and dimed or told that you need painful procedures, we encourage you to stop delaying and schedule an appointment with Dr. Dietrich. Our Dolton, IL office can be reached at  (708) 576-1900. Call us today to experience the difference in care at Pleasant Dental®!


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