Dental emergencies can happen to anyone. Treating knocked out teeth is a common dental emergency in the Riverdale, IL area. Patients are interested in learning what needs to be done in order to ensure they are able to repair their smiles. Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® assists patients when dental accidents arise to ensure they are able to maintain their beautiful, healthy smile for many years to come.

A knocked out tooth may occur during a sports activity or trauma to the mouth. The tooth falls out, and patients begin to worry that they may have to deal with permanent restorations to address this situation. However, they may be able to save their tooth, and there are steps patients can take to improve this possibility. Patients are urged to put the tooth back in the socket if possible, and get to the dentist within an hour of the incident. This increases the likelihood of being able to reattach the tooth. If patients are unable to do this, they can put the tooth in milk and bring it to the dental office with them. Once they arrive, Dr. Dean Dietrich will do everything in his power to reattach the tooth and repair the smile. If this is not possible, he will discuss restoration with patients so they can better understand their options. This may include repair with a dental bridge, partial denture, or a dental implant. He can make recommendations for patients who may feel overwhelmed at the idea of repairing their smile with any of these options, and can help them deal with the loss of a natural adult tooth. We work with patients of all ages who are dealing with this concern and educate them on solutions readily available in our practice.

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If you live in or around the Riverdale, IL area and are interested in finding out more, contact Dr. Dean Dietrich today to book a consultation appointment at Pleasant Dental®. He would be happy to discuss the possibilities available for patients seeking repair of their smile after trauma.

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