Unless your dentist is family or a friend, it’s likely that you don’t have him on speed dial. In fact, you probably only think about your dentist when it’s time for your twice-a-year check-up or if you have a toothache. However, in the case of a dental emergency, it’s important to know who to call, when to call, and what to do.

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Dental emergencies can vary from a painful tooth or sudden sensitivity in the gums to trauma to the face or mouth that causes the loss of a tooth. Unfortunately, dental emergencies can affect anyone of any age, gender, or race. One of the most common dental emergencies is losing a tooth. This can happen during an accident or a fall and it never comes with advanced warning. Whether you lost tooth is due to falling during your morning run, being hit with a fly ball at a baseball game, or during a car accident, Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® offers some advice on what to do in the immediate moments afterwards:

  • Ensure the patient is conscious and determine if the injury poses serious medical threats. If the patient is not conscious or if the injury appears to be severe, call 911.
  • If the person is conscious and appears to be OK, other than the missing tooth, carefully collect the missing tooth. Be careful to avoid touching the tooth’s root and gently rinse the tooth with water ONLY if it’s necessary.
  • Rinse the person’s mouth with warm water and try to reinsert the tooth into the socket. Have the patient bite on gauze or a soft cloth to hold the tooth into place. If the tooth cannot be reinserted, place the tooth in milk, saline, or in the mouth against the cheek to keep it from drying out.
  • Use sterile cloth or gauze to control bleeding and a cold compress to manage swelling.
  • Call your dentist or go to the emergency room immediately.Dr. Dietrich has been serving patients in Dolton and the Chicago area for more than 27 years. He is committed to providing excellence in dental care, and that includes emergencies that must be taken care of immediately. If you lose a tooth, or experience some other type of dental emergency, call Dr. Dietrich’s office for a same day appointment.


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