Dr. Dean Dietrich of the Dolton, IL area is a top dentist in the community who highly recommends dental insurance as a way of obtaining savings on dental care. His practice encourages individuals to consider the benefits of dental insurance and think about how it can be used to prevent oral health care issues down the road.

Dental insurance is often an afterthought. Some patients have paid into a dental insurance plan through their job but have not been taking advantage of the benefits. This is like throwing money away. The payments made on dental insurance often cover many treatments fully, including six-month examinations, x-rays, and cleanings. When patients do not use their dental insurance for checkups, the money they invested is wasted.

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At the practice of Pleasant Dental®, we want our patients to understand that using dental insurance is one of the best ways of maintaining a healthier smile. Patients may need to pay a small co-pay when they visit for their recall appointments, but the savings overall are tremendous. Using dental insurance allows individuals to reduce their costs. Dr. Dean Dietrich can provide dental care for patients who are paying with cash or credit card, but the cost out of pocket is often drastically reduced when dental insurance coverage is applied.

Dental insurance will typically cover two cleanings and examinations a year. Other treatments such as dental crowns, dentures and fillings may be covered in part or full depending on the level of coverage.

If you live in the Dolton, IL area and are seeking a way of affording dental care, contact your employer to find out if dental insurance plans are available to you. They are often relatively inexpensive for families and can be used towards regular cleanings and examinations that can contribute to better dental health and wellness. Call Pleasant Dental® today to book an appointment with our team and learn about the advantages of dental insurance plans and consider how they can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for necessary treatments and services through our practice.

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