Instant gratification. That’s what our world has come to. Make my teeth white … NOW!


Bleaching of teeth or whitening can be done in a single visit. Will it be the best whitening that can be done? No, it it will be quick. And generally a bit more expensive than the more typical procedures.

The bleaching procedures that use lights to “activate” or enhance the bleaching process are meant to provide the answer for the “I want it done NOW” crowd. These procedures usually take between one to one-and-a-half hours to complete. The results are considered fair, although the initial whitening usually fades somewhat after the procedure. This is doused by the fact the teeth have lost moisture during the procedure and when they regain it the appearance fades.

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The typical at-home bleaching with either trays or the whitening strips takes around two weeks. The time varies depending upon the degree of color change desired and the type of bleach and the concentrations used.

The most advanced bleaching available is a combination of at-home and in-office procedures. This is usually, once again, accomplished by two weeks of typical at-home bleaching followed by an in office procedure that creates the final kick to really white.

One additional note:

Many offices that provide the rapid one appointment in-office bleaching also provide bleaching trays you can take home to continue or touch-up the bleaching. In reality this is the best way to assure that the patient gets decent results.

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