Dr. Dean Dietrich understands how a whiter, brighter smile can exude health and confidence. Patients in the Chicago area who want to achieve this same confidence with their smiles are welcome to contact the team at Pleasant Dental® to learn about the types of teeth whitening available and understand how professional-grade whitening far surpasses the results achieved with over-the-counter products.

While local drugstores offer whitening strips, toothpastes, and trays, they are not nearly as effective as those available through a dental office. This is because they are not as strong and concentrated as the treatments available at Pleasant Dental®. While patients may pay a little more for professional whitening services, they will find the value to be immeasurable.

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Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® offers two types of teeth whitening – Kor Deep Bleaching® treatment, standard take-home whitening kits that patients are able to use in the privacy of their own home and professional grade Crest Whitestrips. Kor Deep Bleaching® treatment is used for patients who want dramatic results. Within days, patients will have a significantly brighter smile. “It is the most effective bleaching treatment I’ve encountered.” – Dr. D.

Instead of Deep Bleaching® patients may choose to use the standard take-home whitening kits. They are made with molds of the teeth to create a custom tray. This plastic tray is filled with whitening gel and worn for a specified period each day to whiten the teeth gradually. Optimum results are easily achieved within a few weeks, and touch-ups can help maintain the brighter smile for many months.

Teeth whitening is a wonderful way for patients to enjoy brilliance and rejuvenation. Achieving the “Hollywood smile” is a goal for many men and women who want the confidence to speak, laugh, and smile easily. If you are ready to learn about the various teeth whitening methods and discover which one is right for you, contact Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® today.

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