Today there are a multitude of ways to whiten teeth. All of the methods have a commonality in that they use similar types of bleaching materials. To be completely truthful there are differing strengths and different materials but not many.

All bleaching depends on the compounds that are placed on the teeth to achieve the desired lightening effect. While there are systems out there that showcase high intensity lights and the like to supposedly enhance the chemical bleaching the reality (from studies) is that there is little scientific evidence to support the idea that the lamps make any significant contribution to the process.

Since I mentioned the light based systems, let\’s start with this process. After much preparation to protect your gums from the belching agents, the bleach is placed on the teeth and then subjected to a high intensity lamp. Two to four fifteen minute or so applications are typically done at the appointment with the idea to achieve in one visit the desired results. It is a fairly uncomfortable process and as such we have elected to discontinue it’s use.

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Next there is the typical bleaching tray process. Impressions are made of your teeth and then bleaching tray is custom made to fit you. Bleach is then placed in the tray and they are placed over the teeth for anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour depending upon the bleaching materials being used. This is done at home and is probably the most common form of bleaching done.

There are also products from the likes of Colgate and Crest that you can buy over the counter or in prescription strengths from dentists. These are then placed over the teeth as prescribed. This is probably the least expensive and perhaps the least effective for most people.

There are processes that use a combination of different bleaching materials with some being done in the office and en wither bleach used at home. These can be the most effective and subsequently the most expensive.

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