We never know when a dental emergency may arise, so it is important for patients to have the answer to, “Where can I find an emergency dentist near me in the South Holland area?”

Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® is a general and cosmetic dentist in the community who also offers new and existing patients emergency dental care. He understands that the unexpected can happen at any time, and he wants his patients to enjoy his experience and care to help them through times of oral distress. An emergency dentist offers fast appointments, and can provide effective and affordable solutions for most immediate concerns.

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A patient in the South Holland area may visit an emergency dentist for a wide range of problems. This may include:

  • A severe toothache
  • The loss of a restoration such as a veneer, crown, or dental bridge
  • Trauma to the mouth that has affected the soft tissues
  • A tooth that has been knocked out
  • Pain and bleeding after oral surgery that is not healing properly
  • A broken denture
  • An abscess or canker sore
  • A broken restoration that needs to be replaced or repaired

Patients who are experiencing a dental emergency are welcome to contact Pleasant Dental® as soon as it occurs for recommendations on how to handle the situation before visiting the dental office. For some situations, such as a knocked out tooth, patients can take some steps to improve the chance of reattaching the tooth in the smile and avoiding permanent restorations.

Dr. Dean Dietrich is proud to offer patients the care they need when dental emergencies occur. If you are dealing with the unexpected, contact our practice today and learn about the ways in which we can assist. At Pleasant Dental®, we welcome patients of all ages so they can obtain the care and attention they need to look and feel better while improving their oral health and wellness.

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