Affordable and quality dental service in the South Holland area is easy to find if you look in the right place. Pleasant Dental® is dedicated to providing trusted and skilled preventative and restorative dentistry to help ensure healthy mouths and bodies for their patients. While gum disease and cavities are common concerns, it’s also important to note that the health of a patient’s mouth is directly linked to the health of their bodies.

That’s why Dr. Dietrich places great emphasis on preventing dental issues. Often patients will avoid the dentist or put off their twice-yearly checkup in order to save money. While this may save in the short-term, it can be quite costly in the end. Many dental problems, such as periodontal disease and tooth decay can be prevented or minimized with regular visits to the dentist. Not only do these visits give the dentist a chance to spot any potential problems before they are more costly and invasive to treat, they also provide a professional cleaning. Even with the best at home oral care habits, some areas of the teeth are nearly impossible to reach without the professional instruments used in the dental office.

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At Pleasant Dental®, we know that your budget can play a role in deciding which treatments to undergo. That’s why we take the time to explain each procedure to our patients and talk about whether it needs to happen right away or if it can be delayed for several months. We also discuss the pros and cons of each treatment and work with dental insurance companies to determine what services might be covered.

Dr. Dietrich is pleased to offer a variety of services from regular checkups and cavity fillings to implants and the treatment of gum disease. If you live in the South Holland area, we urge you to schedule an appointment now. Don’t wait until you have a toothache or a dental emergency; get started on your path to a healthy mouth immediately.

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