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Countdown to losing THOUSANDS of DOLLARS

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Every day you get closer and closer to losing this years insurance benefits. Dental insurance not used is not saved - - it's lost. The dental insurance companies LOVE those of you who never use the insurance. In fact that is exactly why they place deductibles and co-pays on the policies. They are hoping that you will not want to pay your portion which means you won't get treatment and boom! They made money on you.

If you don't need any treatment, no problem. If however, you do need dental care, you are simply letting the balance of your dental benefits evaporate. DON'T DO IT. This money is part of your pay. Your employer (if it's an employer plan) is giving you this benefit as part of your compensation.

Take advantage. Call us now, while you're thinking of it, to schedule your next visit. EVERY year we have many patients try to get in at the last minute to use their insurance. It's usually among the busiest time if the year for us so the last. These patients often are out of luck. Don't let that be you. Call today (708) 576-1900.

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