Root canal therapy is a procedure that is more common than one may think. However, it is also a highly feared treatment because many patients in the South Holland, IL area are unfamiliar with the process.

Root canals are also known as endodontic therapy. This treatment is used to protect the natural tooth to avoid extraction. It requires Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® to make a hole in the tooth to access the inner dental pulp. This mass of tissues, which includes the blood supply and nerves, needs to be removed from the tooth with special instruments. The area is disinfected and then filled with gutta percha and composite resin bonding to seal the tooth. In many cases, patients may also have to have a dental crown fabricated to place over the tooth to strengthen it.

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Root canal therapy is necessary in many different situations. It may be done if a patient has:

  • An abscess
  • A very large cavity that reaches the dental pulp
  • A severe toothache
  • Damaged or diseased nerves
  • Infected or inflamed dental pulp
  • Trauma to the natural tooth / breakage

Root canal therapy is often necessary, and patients should not be anxious if they are told they can benefit from the treatment. The procedure is quick and simple, and most patients will find that they feel better after having one completed. Pain and discomfort is often a sign that patients have an issue going on that needs to be addressed with treatment, whether it’s a filling, dental crown, or root canal.

Thanks to sedation methods, root canal therapy is relatively painless and patients have nothing to worry about if they require this particular treatment to bring their smile back to health. Our dental team will discuss with patients the advantages of having root canal therapy done in lieu of permanently extracting a tooth.

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