Several situations may cause patients to require a root canal procedure. While many think of root canals as painful processes that are dreaded by all, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, root canal procedures done at Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, IL are often virtually painless. We administer local anesthetics to ensure patient comfort during treatment. Root canal procedures are also known for eliminating pain that often brings patients into our practice. A severe toothache is often a sign that this treatment may be necessary.

Root canal procedures may be done for a myriad of purposes. The procedure involves removing the infected tissues inside of the tooth. This is done during a relatively simple procedure by Dr. Dean Dietrich. It may be performed if there is an infection, abscess, decay, or disease that is affecting this inner portion of the tooth’s structure.

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We ensure patients are fully numbed before we begin the treatment. Then, using special instruments, we clean and to the best of our ability sterilize the interior of the tooth. We then seal the areas in the roots that we cleaned to prevent future infections. Finally the tooth is repaired with a filling and often a crown.

Dr. Dean Dietrich and his team welcome new patients who think they may require root canal therapy and are looking for a comfortable and affordable dentist to provide the care. We work closely with dental insurance companies to get patients appropriate coverage for their necessary dental procedures. We want everyone to save money on dental care and be able to obtain the treatments needed to bring their smile back to health.

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