If you are looking for a dentist near Chicago who offers a full range of options for replacing missing teeth, look no further. Pleasant Dental® is conveniently located in Dolton, IL, just a short drive from Chicago. We have a wide variety of choices to meet your dental needs and fit your budget.

Are dental implants the best way to replace missing teeth?

Yes, most dentists and patients agree that implants are the best option. They are often called the gold standard treatment. Why? The simple answer is that implants replace the roots, which serve two essential functions. First, the roots are anchored in bone, giving teeth a stable foundation. Secondly, the presence of those roots stimulates the bone tissue, keeping it strong and healthy.

Since dental implants are placed in the bone, just like roots, your replacement teeth will be as sturdy as natural ones. You can eat and speak naturally without worrying about your teeth letting you down. They also help preserve the bone. Additionally, if your oral health is good, implants can last for life.

Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

If you are missing one or more teeth and healthy enough for minor surgery, then dental implants are probably a viable option. However, you will need enough bone tissue to support the implants adequately. Patients who have experienced bone loss might not be candidates for implants. In some cases, bone grafting might be necessary and possible before the implant is placed.

Are there alternatives to dental implants?

Implants might be the gold standard, but they are far from the only good option. Standard dentures and bridges generally take less time and have a lower upfront cost than implants. They can last for a long time, but probably not forever. Therefore, when you consider the lifetime value, implants are probably the better best deal.

However, if you are in a hurry or on a tight budget, then the long-term value might not be your priority.

We understand. It is your mouth; it is your choice. That is why we offer plenty of options here at Pleasant Dental®. We use top-quality materials and craft every restoration with care. That means a traditional bridge or denture from Pleasant Dental® will be comfortable and look just as beautiful as natural teeth.

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Whether you know what you want or if you need help deciding, you can count on us. We do not upsell, and we do not overcharge. We simply make recommendations based on your best interests, answer your questions honestly, and respect your decisions. Once you choose a treatment, we provide the absolute best quality we possibly can. That is why patients from Dolton to Chicago and beyond trust Dr. Dietrich and the Pleasant Dental® team. Just give us a call at (708) 576-1900 to get started.

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