Dr. Dean Dietrich of the Riverdale, IL area is a quality dental professional who has been practicing for many years and continues to provide comprehensive care for both children and adults. Thanks to the many awards he has received, including one of the “top docs in Chicago,” he is a commonly recommended dentist for general, cosmetic, and restorative work. He is known in the community as one of the most caring and efficient dentists and he encourages patients to visit his practice and learn about his method of care built on trust and responsibility.

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Dr. Dean Dietrich is proud to offer assistance for not only the mundane, but for dental emergencies. Many patients are confused as to where to turn when a dental emergency arises. They often happen at the worst times, and patients are unsure as to how they should handle their situation. This is where Pleasant Dental® comes in. Our practice is here for you. We know that they are never convenient! Dental emergencies may range from serious to minor depending on the situation. Some common emergencies include:

  • Teeth knocked out due to trauma
  • Broken or lost restorations including dental crowns, bridges, and veneers
  • Restorations that need adjustments such as dentures
  • A severe toothache that is keeping a patient awake at night
  • An abscess or sore in the mouth that is painful or uncomfortable

At the times when patients need him most, Dr. Dean Dietrich is here. Patients are welcome to call when problems occur for help and we can walk patients through what they can do until they can visit us. We are able to call in prescription medications if needed to manage their condition until they make it into our office.

Do you have a dental emergency? Do not hesitate to contact the team that cares at Pleasant Dental®! Dr. Dean Dietrich happily accepts new patients.

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