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As usual, my visit to pleasant Dental was a Pleasant and painless visit. EXCELLENT VISIT!!!
~ Earl B
Everyone at Pleasant Dental are excellent, they are very attentive to your needs and are excellent with children. No problems whatsoever would highly recommend them.
~ Lauren K
Was referred by my mother. Clean, professional, comfortable, very welcoming. Staff & dentist was knowledgeable, friendly & warm. Also in my opinion, affordable.
~ Marcia R
It was a very pleasant experience the dentist is very qualified very patient very friendly the office staff is also very friendly but most of all the experience of being shot in the mouth this Dentist he has a technique that when putting the anesthesia in your mouth you only have a small amount of pain it feels like a pinch in your mouth I recommend all dentist do what he does I love this Dentist and the office staff also while you are in the chair you have a TV with headset and remote to watch as you getting your teeth fixed oh What a Wonderful ideal
~ Vera Moses
Always a pleasure at Pleasant Dental. They make every visit a breeze!
~ Will Lowe
Excellent service and care, the doctor explained everything as he went along a great
~ Saundra Jones
Very pleasant and friendly. Young vibrant team! They made me feel very welcomed.
~ Taron Smith
I totally love the place everyone was so friendly.
~ Jazzi Stewart
I went in with a toothache I'd been suffering from for over a week. I have a genuine fear of Dentists. The staff made me comfortable and Dr. Dietrich was funny, personable, and knowledgeable. He set me on the right path to get my mouth in order and I'm so appreciative to him and his staff. I will be returning for future work. I love the atmosphere and I left with a smile! Thanks Pleasant Dental...I'll be seeing you soon!!!
~ CleLeatha Shaw
Pleasant dental literally lives up to their name. The staff is very pleasant and professional and the atmosphere is clean and quiet. I've been coming here for 5yrs nice experience.
~ Tracy Leachman
My cleaning was quick and efficient. I love the friendly doctors and staff. I would recommend to anyone!
~ Leah Avery
Every appointment was a great experience. The entire staff was wonderful!!
~ Patrice Smith
My experience was pleasant and painless!
~ Gentle
I have been a patient at Pleasant Dental for eight years and have not had any bad experiences. Dr. Dietrich is painlessly wonderful. His staff are the best ever; every last one of them! I would recommend them to everyone.
~ Carole Tate
I had a very 'pleasant dental' experience. I asked for an emergency appointment and was seen within 15 minutes upon arrival. Dean D. Dietrich, DMD, was very thorough and detailed in his diagnosis. I believe their customer service and professionalism was excellent from start to finish.
~ Lamont Brown
Amazing, despite it being the dentist it was a very wonderful visit. The place is clean, the staff is warm and friendly. Dr Dietrich is knowledgeable and personable. I will be taking my 3 year old soon.
~ Natasha Brittman
A good dentist will never get on your nerves...Dr.D and his amazingly wonderful staff take the pain out of dental visits!
~ Mokita Housing-Ware
My cleaning was quick and efficient. I love the friendly doctors and staff. I would recommend to anyone!
~ Reginald Abernathy
Small yet efficient office. The staff is friendly and professional, your time is important to them. Dr. D. is perfect for scary patients. They are well versed on insurance policy.
~ Sharon Renne Saunders
I WAS terrified of dentists due to bad experiences. A co-worker referred me to Pleasant Dental....AN EXCELLENT REFERRAL! Dr. Dietrich was pleasant and explained everything to me. I despise pain and was literately shaking in his chair. He told me not to worry and that I will be ok. I had NO PAIN therefore, I trust him. His office staff is just as pleasant and I LOVE MY DENTIST!
~ Nikki B. Dolton, IL
After YEARS of hating dentist appts, My son recommended that I try Dr. Dietrich. I have ALWAYS hated going to the dentist, but I absolutely love Pleasant Dental. I love interacting with Lisa, Summer, Dr. Dietrich and the rest of the staff. Everyone goes over and beyond to ensure that you are in a very relaxed atmosphere. The Dr. has this thing that stimulation the gums so that it takes away the sting of any shots. There is a TV installed on the ceiling and you have on headphones to past the time. I laugh more than anything while I am in the chair, the Dr. is very warm and human. As long as he is in business.. He will be my Dentist!
~ Tanya M. Calumet City, IL
I enjoy Pleasant Dental and the staff is always so accommodating and understanding regarding appointments. They go above and beyond to meet the needs of their customers. Even if I keep changing my appointment to meet my schedule the ladies at the office never give me an attitude over the phone. They are always pleasant and friendly. I absolutely love the hygienist. She keeps me entertained while cleaning my teeth and I look forward to each and every visit. Dr. D is also very gentle and considerate as well as he always listens to my concerns and tries to accommodate my request by giving me accurate information as well as the best options.
~ Tia Jefferson
My 7 year old was very impressed with the office and the dental services provided. The staff was very friendly and professional which takes the fear out of going to the dentist. Thanks! Jill M. Gray William Dixon-Patient.
~ Jill M. Gray
On a scale of one to ten, I would rate Pleasant Dental ten. After my first visit, I said that in my opinion the name "Pleasant Dental" was appropriate with respect to the entire experience, the services provided and the people who provide them. And here it is almost two years later and I still feel the same way. Who can say that they don't mind going to the dentist. I can. Enough said!
~ Pat Hatcher Kirkwood
I Looooove Pleasant Dental! I was referred by a good friend several years ago and I couldn't be more pleased with the service I receive at every visit. I tell anybody who would listen about my wonderful dentist and the awesome, awesome staff! Keep up the good work! Thanks!
~ H. J. Martin
Dr. Dean and staff are the best. I had a problem with my gums....had no appointment.....and yet doctor saw me right away. I strongly recommend using Dr. Dean D. as your dentist!
~ Mariellyn Herzog
I have been to many dentist offices over the course of my 53 years, but this one by far beats all of the others offices. I love this office and the dentist and staff. KUDOS to you all!!!
~ Tanya Myers
Dr. Dean Dietrich is a great dentist I recommend to anyone. Dietrich and staff makes sure your are comfortable.
~ Parris Jones
I highly recommend anyone who has phobias about seeing a dentist to see dr.dean!!! He made me feel so comfortable and at ease! So much so that I felt a strong sense of relief while he was doing my dental exam! Plus he explains what you need thoroughly in ways you will understand! Look no further for another dentist! He makes going to see the dentist refreshing!!!! I have found my dentist and I am referring friends and family!!!
~ K.Palmer
I have had some really bad experiences with dentist in the past, however, that was not the case at Pleasant Dental. The staff was patient, understanding & took their time to explain everything and to ensure I was comfortable through out my entire procedure. I'd recommend them to anyone!
~ Bertha Napper
My first visit to Pleasant Dental was exceptional. Everyone -- and I mean everyone -- was courteous, efficient, and professional. Dr. Dietrich is so approachable and informative, the ideal Dentist, I think. I trust him completely already. And, they are willing to work with me financially because I am currently uninsured. It really doesn't get any better than that! I would sum it up by saying that my visit was very pleasant (yes, pun intended).
~ Pat
I am very pleased with the service I received at Pleasant Dental. The staff is very accommodating, and Dr. Dietrich is a wonderful dentist. I have had a lot of dental work done in the past with quite a few different dentists, and this is the first time I have ever gone to a dentist and not experienced a fair amount of discomfort with the procedures. I was there yesterday, and because I hadn't visited a dentist in many years, a fair amount of work needs to be done. As I said, I had no discomfort. I highly recommend Pleasant Dental.
~ Brenda
Ever since I first came there 3 yrs ago, I was very impressed. Dr. Dietrich is very warm, friendly and open, frank with me could not have it any other way. I have referred my Family members, friends to his practice with confidence, honesty, and trust that he would not be misleading.
~ Troy Myers
This is one of the best dental visits I have ever had. The entire staff was great and the doctor really cared about situation. I have already referred this office to my friends and family. I can't wait till my next visit.
~ Phillip Dunbar
I love everybody at my dental office!!!
~ Tonya
OMG this was the best appointment I have every had at a Dentist. I am leaving my old Dentist and this will be my new home. I will be bringing my son with me as we'll. This is a great place. I just want to thank everyone at the office for making me feel at home.
~ Trina Henderson
The dentist is an angel! If made my son comfortable and explained his situation to me very clearly. We will be back with an appt for my husband, oldest son and myself!
~ Terri Jones.
Pleasant Dental is awesome! Fearful, chicken, haven't been in a while? this is the place 4 u! I pride myself in my teeth, but am frightened by dentist, not Dr D, he is professional & personable!
~ Adina E.
Outstanding. This dental facility is outstanding in every way. Dr. Dietrich is one of the most courteous and friendly dentist. His staff is caring, compassionate and thorough. The office is always sanitized and comfortable. The prices are reasonable even for patients without insurance. And they are especially wonderful with children. As a patient for many years I would recommend this dentistry to anyone!
~ Myria S.
I have been coming to Pleasant Dental and Dr. Dietrich for many years now. I love the location, the staff and everyone associated with the office. They make you feel right at home and comfortable and they relieve any fears you may have about your procedure.
~ Linda Robinson
Very helpful and friendly!!!! I would recommend this dentist to anyone that's in the area...
~ Anonymous
I am so glad that I came back. I wouldn't go to another dentist. I have already recommended Pleasant Dental to my friends and I am hoping next month to get my husband to the dentist.
~ Carolyn Brooks
I am always pleased with the service I receive at Pleasant Dental. Lisa was most accommodating to me especially since I was jammed up in traffic. I appreciated the fact that Dr. Dietrich was willing to wait for me to arrive.
~ Linda Robinson
I've enjoyed every visit to the doctor's office, from checking in, to sitting in the chair to paying my bill. All of the ladies are extremely friendly. The have you feeling like your part of their family. There has never been a time when I have enjoyed my time there.

~ Cassandra Watson
~ Paul Williams Sr.
As always it was a pleasure. (I never thought I'd say that about a dental appointment) The service was thorough and gentle. I couldn't be more pleased!
~ A. Golden
Pleasant Dental is exactly that: PLEASANT!
~ Anonymous
Great office! My first time visiting and I was really impressed. The staff was wonderful, courteous and patient.
~ R. Williams
I really appreciated the way i was greeted and the fact , I arrive before my appointment and i was helped before my appointment. The doctor was very nice and so was his entire staff, I will recommend that my husband change his dentist as i have done.

Looking to continued service with you for a long time.
~ Lena
Good experience as a new patient. I was seen within five minutes of my appointment time. I was in and out after an extraction and spent less than an hour at the office.

Pleasant Dental indeed lives up to its' name.
~ Rev. MJ
Today I have had the absolute best cleaning that I have ever had. Lisa worked very hard to address all of my concerns. She did a great job and I really appreciate that. She listened to my concerns and ensured that they were most adequately communicated to the doctor. Great Job Lisa. All of the staff at Pleasant Dental do a fantastic job and it is very much appreciated.
~ Garnadette Farr
Pleasant Dental has done a great job with me and my daughter. Dr. Dietrich's office is the best office that I have visited. I have always been afraid of dentists and this is the only office that stayed with what was promised. They are great. Dr. Dietrich is very patient and his staff are great. Everyone goes out of their way to make us feel comfortable. They are best by far.

I definitely regret not visiting the dentist more often, but now that I am with Pleasant Dental, I am getting all the work done that I need to have a nice smile.

I thank Dr. Dietrich and his staff. My daughter and I love them !
~ Sonya N
I had the best dental experience in my life. It was truly wonderful.

There would always be pain when a needle was stuck in my gums before. There was not any pain at all (here).

Please, Please go there. They let you watch TV with ear phones and the best thing is there is no pain. Even if you don't have dental insurance they work with you.
~ Bessina W.
I was looking for a dentist. My concerns were that he listen to my fears and my finances. I received a flier in the mail six months ago about Dr. Dietrich’s practice, his value of treatment and the patients.

He (Dr. Dietrich) presents himself as a professional very caring person. I explained my fears to him and he enhanced my confidence level in him to a point where I felt completely fearless and confident in him. ** Not many doctors can do this*** (patient’s emphasis)

He thinks of your health and will begin by prescribing medication before and after treatment if needed.

He and his staff are very nice and caring. ** They call to make sure I was doing and feeling well after my root canal and made sure I was taking my medication.** (patient’s emphasis)

Also, a plus is his fee was affordable and he offers other methods of payment.

I had two emergency visits and there was no problem for him to see me the same day.

I have recommended him to the people I do know, and those I don’t, with the highest praise I can give. He is the best dentist I ever had.
~ Ms. Betsy M.
Dr. Dietrich truly made me feel comfortable, just as though I was one of his family members.

When Dr. Dietrich Called me that night to make sure everything was OK I fell in love. Also I found out that I do have dental insurance (HMO which we don’t accept) but I’d rather pay for my service than trusting my teeth to someone else. I wish he could be my primary physician.

The playroom is a good idea. Also the TV with the headsets keeps your mind off your teeth.

I would recommend Dr. Dietrich to any and everybody, which I’ve done already. He has really made my first major dental appointment a pleasant experience. I wish more people could be like him doctor or no doctor.

Thank you Dr. Dietrich for a job well done.
~ Annette M.
I had a toothache. I didn't have an appointment, however, I was seen at once.

I received information about the best type of medicine to take for the tooth ache. I did not feel pain when the tooth was taken out.
~ Athelstine G.
I felt very good and safe and I feel I got the best service I could get. The staff made me feel like a person and not a paycheck.

I liked the way the staff worked with me and the way the dentist talked to me as a whole person.
~ Anonymous
Courteous, Kind, Patient
Everything was explained well. Service was great and felt very comfortable. I improved my teeth and gums.
~ Valmar J.
You make patients feel comfortable. Your friendliness, you seem to care for your patients. And you are very kind. You did a great job with our daughters braces. She is able to smile with confidence.
~ Sara A.
Initially, I was struck by the professional demeanor and the warm reception from your staff and you.

I appreciated the consultation session and the time that was taken to provide me, my options and payment arrangements. I also appreciated the ability to receive service since I do not have dental insurance and your willingness to provide me with a payment plan for the services needed.
~ Olivia F.
Overall, the practice was wonderful, clean, friendly and very professional. Excellent advocates.

My greatest experience was being relaxed and pain free. The staff was very supportive and the dentist was very caring.

I became fearful of oral care at an early age. The fear kept me from caring for my teeth. Going from dentist to dentist trying to find one who cares and is gentle. I found one at Pleasant Dental. I cried with joy. Now my fears have decreased.

Thanks again to Dean Dietrich, DMD and staff.
~ Bervely H., RN

The dentist was very helpful in making sure that my tooth ache was taken care of and that upon my leaving to go home I wasn’t in any more pain.

The pleasant help that I received had a big factor in my returning back to see the dentist.

Thank you.
~ Anthony W.
The practice is very caring. They show compassion for scared patients.

I’m a patient who avoided Doctors for 10 years. Meeting Dr. Dietrich, who made me feel very comfortable, I opened my mouth with no fear. He said relax. I have seen worse.

I feel that Dr. Dietrich cares about my appearance.

Thank you Dr. D.
~ Shirley L.
I get the feeling Dr. Dean and staff really are concerned with community dental needs. I love this dental office. I’ve never felt so comfortable discussing my teeth.

I was having two teeth extracted and Dr. Dean went step by step with me on the procedure and it was painless and it didn’t take a long time.

When you go to the dentist often times we expect bad reports. I knew the condition my teeth were in. Dr. Dean never made me feel bad and after our consultation, my confidence level increased because I knew he would do everything possible to help me maintain healthy teeth!
~ Brenda J.
The doctor was great. He sat down with me first and talked about medical history and gave an impression of really caring for the person and not just making a quick dollar. He explained the cost. No surprises at the end of his service and for me that is a great plus.

I was a walk-in patient and you treated me like I had been coming to you for years. Within the first 2 hours of leaving I recommended you to several of my friends at work.

In a separate note she writes:

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Nancy, and you made me feel as if I counted. Since I started going to a dentist I can say I never had a great experience with a dentist, until now.

I didn’t read your newsletter until after I filled out the questionnaire, only to find out other people have already said what I did on mine.

Your sign caught my eye and brought me to your doorstep. After I met the receptionist and doctor you guys will keep me coming back.

I just wanted to give you guys a big way to go and a big thank you.
~ Nancy W.
I thought the practice was pleasant, friendly and gentle.

I was relieved to discover how well the dentist treats his patients.

I appreciated the accurate answers the dentist provided in response to my questions.
~ Eva T.
The practice is very comfortable and relaxing. You put the patient first which is really rare now.

I was terrified when I came in and in a lot of pain. Everyone made me feel relaxed and didn’t yell at me because somebody else started the work and I wouldn’t go back.

I’m not afraid to have my teeth fixed, cleaned, or anything else. You restored my faith that not all professionals are in it for the money. That some went into their field because they care.
~ Vikki J.
What is your feeling about our practice? Superior.

I was happy with the quick service.

I’m not in any more pain and I admire your prompt service and I want you to do the rest of my dental work.
~ Mary S.
I felt you were Very concerned and honest.

I was particularly happy with your service when I made the appointment.

You explained the payment plans and gave me time to take care of it.
~ George C.
Everyone was professional, courteous and informative.

The staff members are very pleasant and reassuring. I was very nervous but they made me feel at ease

I value the ability to eat again and to smile and not be embarrassed.
~ Sandra M.
How did we do? GREAT!
A pleasant visit. The staff helped me to relax. The staff is great!! The doctor is absolutely gentle and very pleasant. I guess that's why it's called Pleasant Dental. Thxs.
~ Tammy B.

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