$1 will get you $244

As a general rule, I don’t gamble. Yet, I am willing to bet you the cost of a full dental exam and set of X-rays (minus a dollar) that you will find we are the best dental practice you have experienced.

That’s right, we are offering you a no risk way to put our claims to the test. Receive your initial diagnostic visit, including a full examination and a full set of X-rays (a $245 value), for only $1.00.* Save your insurance for needed care.

Over 90% of those who experience our brand of friendly comfortable care stay with us long term. So the odds are good that giving away your first visit for a dollar is actually a very safe bet for us. Frankly, we think you’ll decide you won too.

Simply click here or the “Text Us” button and text “I’ll take that bet.” Or, call us at (708) 576-1900 to secure your $1.00 appointment.

We look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Dean Dietrich
Dr. Sneha Naik
and the Pleasant Dental Team

* PS. Only one per household. See you soon!
PPS. Don’t forget your dollar!
PPPS. Limited time offer. May be withdrawn at any time.

We are NOT able to accept Medicare, Medicaid or State of Illinois Aid programs
Welcome to Pleasant Dental<sup>®</sup>
What makes good great? What makes Pleasant Dental so unique from all the rest? Find out from Dr. Dean Dietrich, founder/CEO of Pleasant Dental, about his intentional thought process and vision behind the buildup of this unique health care center. If you are looking for people who understand the priceless value of health care, you’ve found the right place.

Back when I was considering opening anew dental office I took a lot of time just to decide not just where it would be, but what it would look like and what it would feel like. Hi I am Dr. Dean Dietrich the founder of Pleasant Dental. Steve Jobs of Apple Computers famously ignored focus groups in industry standards to create great new products and services. He did this by focusing on what he as a consumer owl want. That is essentially how Pleasant Dental came to be what it is today.
We, that is my team and I figured out what we wool want in a dental practice and then we set out to create it. What did we want? Some things were pretty basic for instance we wanted a clean office that took patient comfort and protection seriously. Obviously this became a bigger deal during the pandemic. Of course we want ed care that worked and lasted which is why we stand behind everything that we do but above all we thought it was important to be truly cared for by friendly people, hence the unique and ever present fun vibe we cultivated. Those are some of the few things we wanted to do.
What do you want? Pleasant Dental – your finds in dentistry. Call 708 849 4400. See you soon!

Dr. Dean

So everyone can have trusted friends in dentistry

Dr. Dean Dietrich is the founder of Pleasant Dental® LLC. Practicing since 1986, Dr. D. started Pleasant Dental® in 2003 to be a different kind of dental experience. At our core is the idea that we are here to serve and protect our patients. This is reflected in our core purpose we live every day: “So anyone can have trusted friends in dentistry”

You’ll experience this trusted friend sense in everything from how we respect your time (we work hard to run on schedule), to handling your wants and needs, to the friendliness and sense of fun exhibited by the entire team. We’d love for you to give the Pleasant Dental® experience a try. Call: (708) 576-1900 or click for an appointment. See you soon!

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