Dental implants are quickly becoming the preferred method of replacing missing teeth. They serve the same function as natural tooth roots. Secured in the jawbone, they provide complete stability for dental restorations. At one time, this was a viable option for few patients. However, with dramatic advances in materials and techniques, this has become a versatile technology. Developments such as MDIs (mini dental implants) have made the procedure feasible and affordable for most patients.

Traditional root-form implants are similar in size and shape to the root of a natural tooth. However, research has shown that a much smaller diameter implant can be equally effective in some circumstances, leading to the development of MDIs. They are about half as big around as a traditional implant, which offers several advantages.

  • Patients who have experienced extensive bone loss in their jaws, or who have a narrow ridge, may not have enough bone mass to support full-sized implants. However, many of those people do have enough bone for MDIs, eliminating the need for a graft.
  • The surgery is faster and less invasive, because there is no incision. This process, known as a flapless surgery, has less discomfort, faster healing time, and less risk of complications.
  • A smaller device and faster procedure translates to lower costs for the patient.
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One of the most common uses of MDIs is the stabilization of dentures. The time and expense involved in replacing an entire arch of teeth with individual crown-topped implants is not feasible, or desirable, for most patients. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, denture wearers can enjoy all the benefits of dental implants, with a quick, comfortable, and affordable procedure.

In many cases, just a few implants are sufficient to support an entire denture plate. A tiny ball or bar atop the implant snaps into attachments, which are integrated into the denture. Due to the minimal healing time of MDIs, a denture can often be placed the same day as the surgery, or shortly thereafter, rather than waiting several months.

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