You really really want to finally straighten your teeth. But you would prefer to not have to go throughout the discomfort and annoyance of braces. Would Invisalign be an option for you?

The short answer is “maybe.”

While Invisalign can handle many different kinds of orthodontic needs it can’t treat everything.

If your teeth are crowded together then often Invisalign can help. The trick is in finding or creating the space needed for the teeth to line up properly. This is achieved in one of three ways typically. Either a tooth or teeth are extracted (this is the least used method with Invisalign). Alternately the teeth can be narrowed some to provide space. Finally, occasionally the upper and lower arches line up to allow for the teeth to be moved forward to take advantage of space that already exists.

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Let’s say you are facing the opposite issue – too much space. Here Invisalign can excel. Using a series of clear aligners the Invisalign process methodically closes all the spaces to produce a great result.

If you have a combination of space and crowding, that can often be effectively handled by the Invisalign process. So can teeth that are rotated or simply pushed out of their more ideal positions.

Probably the one area where Invisalign might be challenged is situations where there are significant crowding that would be best treated with the removal of multiple teeth. It might be able to do the job but, personally, I would stick with more traditional braces for that type of comprehensive care.

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