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Intense Whitening

They made the extra effort to make sure every question and concern I had was addressed. They have some of the cleanest dental equipment I have ever seen. They make an extra effort to make sure they only use the best for their patients. They have a very good professional reputation. I know that I'm under the care of an expert. They were so happy to answer each and every question I had. They also encouraged me to call if I need any more answers in the future.
~ Tony I

Teeth Bleaching: Finally Seeing the Light

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Intense Whitening - Teeth Whitening Confidence and beauty stem from a brighter smile. Dr. Dean Dietrich and his team at Pleasant Dental in Dolton, IL encourage patients to take the time to learn about ways to achieve a Hollywood smile. For many, a simple whitening procedure is the best way to start. Our practice offers intense whitening solutions with the KöR Deep Bleaching system.

What is KöR Deep Bleaching for intense whitening?

Intense whitening is available at Pleasant Dental. Instead of using at-home mouth rinse, toothpaste, strips, or gel found at the drugstore, the dentist works with patients to develop an effective, customized treatment plan. Results can be dramatic and immediate, or gradual. The KöR Deep Bleaching system incorporates both a treatment in the dental chair, as well as trays that are used at home, to boost results. This whitening system is more effective than anything else available on the market today.

What are the benefits of professional-grade whitening solutions?

Patients enjoy the following advantages of professional whitening:
  • Amazing results in a short period of time
  • Minimal risk of sensitivity
  • Instructions and oversight of dental professionals, for safe treatment and great results
  • Lasting brightness with continued periodic use of take-home trays

Is KöR Deep Bleaching right for you?

Individuals who have been unhappy with over-the-counter whitening products may be good candidates for intense whitening available at Pleasant Dental. Patients with healthy teeth and gums can enjoy safe, effective whitening.

Are you ready to discuss intense whitening solutions with the dentist? Schedule a visit with Dr. Dietrich and his friendly staff. At Pleasant Dental, we welcome new patients who are interested in rejuvenating their smiles with cosmetic dental care. Our practice can be reached at 708-576-1900 and is conveniently located in Dolton, Illinois at 609 E. Sibley Boulevard (147th).

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